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Head of Department: respirator and physical activity will help not to get sick COVID-19

The epidemic of coronavirus in Moscow is on the decline, but experts say that the fall can be a "second wave". About whether her doctors which tests are most accurate at COVID, and let in the Church's hospital priests to patients with "Morovis craze" , told RIA Novosti the head physician of the Central clinical hospital. of St. Alexis Alex Zaroff. Interviewed Artem Budyonny.

Our hospital was converted for the treatment of patients with COVID-19, we focused on the diagnosis of coronavirus infection. During hospitalization we necessarily hold in all patients at diagnosis COVID-19, including MSCT, smear of the oropharynx in PCR and blood tests for antibodies. If detected COVID-19, depending on the severity of the condition sent home for treatment or to a specialized hospital.

The Abbot of Valaam monastery: we opened for pilgrims

The Valaam monastery is one of the first was closed to pilgrims and tourists because of the coronavirus pandemic this spring. And on Thursday Balaam, his main Transfiguration Cathedral and the Central manor again opened its doors to visitors to the island. About whether the pilgrims to get to the worship service, where volunteers are in quarantine and what gastronomic innovations is preparing a "Northern Athos" this year – told RIA Novosti Abbot of Valaam monastery Bishop Trinity Pankraty. Interviewed Artem Budyonny.

Metropolitan Luke: the Holy Church asks the doctors to help in the fight against the virus

Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol Luka (Kovalenko), who proposed to consider in the Church the question of the canonization of the famous surgeon Nikolai Pirogov (1810-1881), in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti was told about this initiative and its prospects. Interviewed By Sergey Stefanov.