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Lebanon would open its border with Syria for two days for their citizens

The Lebanese authorities decided to open the land border with Syria, on 2 and 4 June for its citizens and members of their families wishing to return home, said Tuesday in a statement, the interior Ministry of Lebanon.

According to authorities, the border will be open from 9.00 to 16.00 for the citizens of Lebanon and close members of their families who are in Syria and want to return home.

In Lebanon eased restrictions on coronavirus

The Lebanese authorities since June, has decided to shorten the curfew time, setting its boundaries from midnight until five in the morning Monday in the regular mode started to work with all state agencies.

According to the statement, the interior Ministry of Lebanon, with the reduction of the time of the curfew will be allowed to increase the working time of private enterprises, including shops, cafes, restaurants and hairdressers. Officially opened its doors to visitors and beach complexes, hotels and shopping centers.