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Named the new in-demand occupations

Every sixth company is waiting for the appearance of new professions in the next six to ten years, reported RIA Novosti Director of development systems of professional qualifications Institute of labour Irina Voloshin.

The emergence of new professions and updating the existing content associated with the modernization and development of the service sector and the widespread introduction of digital technologies, she said.

The Ministry has noted the slowdown in the growth of unemployment

The situation in the labour market remains difficult, but the increase in unemployment is slowing and the recovery in consumer demand will lead to the recovery of real incomes of the population, reported the press service of the Ministry reported.

Unemployment in Russia in June rose to 6.2% from 6.1% in may, the number of official unemployed persons was 2.8 million, follows from the data of the operational report of Rosstat.

The expert spoke about new trends in the labour market

The labour market is now so dynamic that new jobs appear faster than experts for them, said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of Institute of labor Dmitry Platygin.

According to Platygin and young professionals the necessary skills to adapt to rapidly changing requirements. Help broad-minded, comprehensive skills and soft skills — self-learning, language skills, creativity, critical thinking and others. The possession of such "soft skills" will allow professionals to remain in demand for at least the next ten years.