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Instagram banned content associated with the "treatment" of homosexuality

Instagram prohibits the placing on the platform any content which promotes reparative therapy, reports Reuters, citing a statement by the Director of public strategy Instagram Tara Hopkins.

It is reported that the social network will expand the list of existing rules against hate speech, operating throughout the world, including a ban to publications that promote this practice.

The expert explained how and why social networks are watching us

Any action of the user on the Internet can be described by algorithms under the settings of targeted advertising. How this exactly works, told radio Sputnik specializes in promoting social media Evgeniya Kulish.

Have you ever thought that you just had to discuss a thing, as it is immediately appears on all resources? Or sending a friend a picture of the red dress, you immediately ran into a is it in Instagram?

Durov threatened to sue Facebook

The founder of Telegram messenger and social network "Vkontakte" Pavel Durov has accused the company of Facebook and its Instagram in the dissemination of fraudulent ads on his behalf.

According to him, the Corporation "for more than a year earns" the advertising schemes that fraudulently bilking people out of money. The victim of such ads began including the elderly and pensioners, said Durov.

Agutin commented on the strange appearance of the pilot in the photo

Singer Leonid Agutin responded to the concerns of followers on instagram due to the health of the leader of the "lube".

The singer posted two photos in the publication, devoted to Day of Russia. In the second picture, in addition to Agutin, shows Nikolai Rastorguev, Grigory Leps and Alexander Marshall. One of the users on instagram thought with the soloist of group "lube" is something wrong, in the comments to the post the health of the musician and asked other people.

Valeria replied indignant because of her live woman

Valeria replied indignant because of its live instagram the woman and criticized her for her rudeness.

Valeria has published the announcement of live broadcast with Opera singer Olga Peretyatko and asked subscribers to write questions for their conversation, promising to take note of the best of them. However, one wearer of instagram said that the singer she was tired, and this attracted the attention of Valerie.

Rudkovskaya posted a video of the dance from the clip Paglesham Little big

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya published in the instagram video, which dances along with Dmitry Krasyliv (Puhler).

In the beginning of the video Rudkovskaya talking on the phone with her husband Evgeny Plushenko, who sends the wife a new dance partner. It is Krasyliv. When Pugles came to the house to Rudkovskaya and it was presented by dancer, producer, surprised, and her son just said she doesn't believe him.

Valery clarified the confusion with the "appeal for help" in the form of a minimum wage

Valeria said that she and her husband Joseph Prigozhin not sought help in the form of a minimum wage, calling the reports false.

Recently, because of the words of Prigogine that popular artists troubled in connection with the cancellation of performances, the conflict broke out with musician Sergei Shnurov. Also about the plight and told the showman Sergey Glushko, known under the name of Tarzan. He said that artists do not get a penny, unlike the "grandparents".

Valeria told about the "retarded audience"

Singer Valeria in a telephone conversation with a colleague, Anita Tsoy in the entertaining YouTube show, Comment Out said "moronic audience."

Choi to the "super-round" release got the task to call Valerie and pronounce prepared by the authors show the phrase to hold live instagram and make a challenge. The singer refused, calling one of the proposed challenges "some trash", but admitted that "something to do" with online streams.

Komorowski spoke about global health "divorced"

People cheat, when you think of herbs as "superpanel," said the doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in instagram.

So he answered the question of "active natural ingredients" against the coronavirus.