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Published photos of Hitler in "the Immortal regiment" approved charges

The Prosecutor General's office reported that it has approved the indictment in the case of a resident of Tatarstan, who uploaded a photo of Hitler on the site "Immortal regiment", the man accused of the rehabilitation of Nazism and possession of drugs.

"The Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation confirmed the indictment in a criminal case against El-Ayoubi Mohammed in crimes... rehabilitation of Nazism and... storage of drugs in large size. The defendant posted on the Internet on may 4 this year, the photographic image of Adolf Hitler for his public display unlimited circle of persons on the site "Immortal regiment online" on a par with veterans of the great Patriotic war", - said in a statement on the Agency's website.

SK showed a video of the interrogation in the case of pictures of Nazis in "the Immortal regiment"

The investigative Committee has published a video search and interrogation of persons involved in Affairs on the rehabilitation of Nazism due publication of photos of Nazis on the site "Immortal regiment".

The footage shows how officers conduct searches of the two suspects — a resident of Kemerovo Dmitry Borodaenko and resident Perm Maksim Gusev, who, according to investigators, uploaded the "memory Bank" of photographs of the Nazis. In addition, questioned a resident of Kemerovo admitted that he was "not right".

The Kremlin drew attention to the initiative to transfer the "Immortal regiment"

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the initiative of the organizers of the "Immortal regiment" to postpone action for the following year.

He noted that Vladimir Putin is not among the direct organizers of the event, and the uniqueness of the "Immortal regiment" in that it is of a national character. Therefore, Peskov stressed, in this case, "impossible to ignore" from the opinions of those who carries out the action.

Lanovoy has proposed to hold a March "Immortal regiment" in the next year

People's artist of USSR, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the movement "Immortal regiment of Russia" Vasily Lanovoy offers to hold a March in the following year, on 9 may, his words are on the website of the movement.

Earlier it was reported that a March "Immortal regiment" on July 26 will not take place.

The decision to move the March "Immortal regiment" will take on Thursday

The decision to move the March "Immortal regiment", most likely, will be taken on Thursday 16 July, said the head of the Executive Committee of the "Immortal regiment of Russia" Artem Khutorskoy.

"Tomorrow we have a meeting of the General Central headquarters – a large meeting at which this issue will be considered. We collected very detailed information from regions, including from the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance bodies and local Executive authorities on the situation in the country, and that tomorrow all of these summaries will be submitted to the staff – is, as I understand it, made a decision," he said Wednesday on the radio station "Moscow speaking".

Putin said the Internet project, implemented with the participation of RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking Thursday at a meeting of the Victory organising Committee, highlighted the success of a project "Bearer of Victory" Patriotic movement "Immortal regiment of Russia".

Thanking all who participated in the preparation of anniversary events, he stressed that a huge audience gathered and continue to gather stock online. "For example, in the project "the standard-Bearers of Victory" teenagers, children and even the students not only talk about the combat or career path of their family, but also about what the winners, the soldiers of the great Patriotic war could be proud today of its heirs," said Putin.

Two more defendants in the case of the rehabilitation of Nazism was charged

Two more defendants in the case about placing pictures of Nazis on the site "Immortal regiment" charged under the article about the rehabilitation of Nazism, told reporters the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko.

"The investigation of criminal cases about the rehabilitation of Nazism arising in connection with the placement in the public domain on the website of the movement "Immortal regiment of Russia" in the Internet of photos of Third Reich leaders and traitors. Two previously established individuals, Mohammed El-Ayoubi and Daniel Shestakov is charged with committing crimes under part 1 and part 3 of article 354.1 criminal code," she said.

The UK has charged the defendants in the cases of the rehabilitation of Nazism

Charged three more defendants in criminal cases about the rehabilitation of Nazism in the course of the action "Immortal regiment online", it is the residents of Ulyanovsk, Samara and Perm, told reporters the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko.

"Charged three more suspects - Vyacheslav Kruglov, Andrey Shabanov and Daniel Simanovo. Depending on the role of each they are charged with committing crimes... rehabilitation of Nazism", - stated in the message.