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Chicago authorities removed the monument to Columbus, which became the reason of protests

The government of the U.S. Chicago (Illinois) removed from the city Park a monument to the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus previously caused the protests in the city, reports the local edition of the Chicago-Sun Times.

Last Friday a large group of people protesting against racism, gathered at Grant Park, where is a monument. It was reported that the protesters threw in the detention order different items, they in turn used against the protesters with batons. Detained 12 people, in addition, affected about 18 police officers.

The fire in Chicago killed seven-year-old

Seven-year-old girl died as a result of the shooting incident in the West the American city of Chicago (Illinois), according to NBC Chicago, citing the police.

Clarifies that the incident occurred on Saturday evening. It is reported that the girl was on the street with members of his family when a group of unknown persons opened fire. The girl was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound, in a short time she died.

Chicago enters a quarantine for everyone arriving from 15 States with growth COVID-19

Authorities in Chicago decided on a two-week quarantine for arriving in town from the States, where marked increase in cases of infection with coronavirus, said Friday the mayor of the city Lori Lightfoot.

This will affect only 15 States, including Texas, California, Florida, Alabama and others. The order will not affect those who spent less than 24 hours. Quarantined means a finding in one of the prescribed building or housing without access to the outside. Violators face a fine.

The man sent his mother a selfie for a few minutes before the crash

American Daniel Shedd sent his mother a group selfie with friends from the airport in the suburbs of the American city St. Louis Maryland heights in a matter of minutes to death in the crash, according to the tabloid Daily Star.

On Sunday, 39-year-old Shedd together with my friends were going to go sailing in a four-seater single-engine aircraft. Before takeoff, he sent the mother a photo, and five minutes after that, his plane crashed near the city of Carlinville, Illinois.

Media: American accused of distributing explosives at protests in Minneapolis

A resident of the state of Illinois is accused of distributing explosives at protests in Minneapolis, according to NBC Chicago, citing court documents.

According to the channel, Matthew Rupert came from Illinois to Minneapolis, where he gave protesters explosives and urged to throw them at police. He broadcast the events live to Facebook, according to the documents.