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"This is a problem of Russia". Why Kiev does not fulfill the Minsk agreement

Official Kiev has repeatedly expressed a desire to revise the Minsk agreement. The foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba some reason called their implementation "wishlist of Russia". In Berlin and Moscow, to such diplomatic innovations have reacted, to put it mildly, without enthusiasm. Who convinces the President's office optionally signed five years ago, the international instruments and what are their real prospects — in the material RIA Novosti.

President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel in a telephone conversation on 15 July discussed the statements of the Ukrainian officials on the revision of the "Minsk-2". And agreed on the fact that the "line of Kiev on the selective performance of its obligations under this document leads to a deadlock the negotiation process".

The EP put forward candidates for the elections to the state Duma on three districts

"United Russia" has put forward the winners of the preliminary vote Alexey Zolotarev, Andrey Kovalenko and Oleg Morozova on elections to the state Duma which will pass in the uniform voting day, said Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Perminov.

"Thirteenth of September will be elections in four single-mandate constituencies. In three single-mandate constituencies, we held primaries. It is about 28 Nizhnekamsky district, winner - Oleg Morozov. We are talking about the Kursk 110 district, winner - Zolotarev Aleksei Mikhailovich. And we are talking about 194 Jaroslavl single-member district, winner - Kovalenko Andrey Nikolaevich ... All candidates won with a clear advantage," said Perminov at a meeting of the General Council of the party.

Disclosed the results of examinations in the case of the death of Dyatlov's group

Tourists on the Dyatlov pass in the Northern Urals in 1959, died from freezing, hypothermia and injuries from the pressure of snow in the avalanche, told reporters on Saturday Deputy head of the state office of public Prosecutor in UrFO Andrey Kurakov.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General's office announced the audit to determine the causes of death of a tourist group Dyatlov pass. The Agency took up the case after 60 years because of complaints from relatives of the victims, the interest of the media and society. It was reported that the prosecutors will hold nine examinations in the area where the tourists were killed, with the involvement of experts in the field of geodesy, Metrology and emergency workers.