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In the Saratov region the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 40

Another patient with coronavirus infection has died in the Saratov region, the total number of deaths has reached 40 people, said Thursday the first Deputy Minister of health of the region Stanislav Shuvalov.

In total, the region 5101 laboratory-confirmed case of infection with mers recovered 2,396. By 16 June in the area of 39 persons died from COVID-19.

Russia is building the future of its petrochemical industry.

Two future gas and chemical complex in the East (the Amur region) and the West (Leningrad oblast) of the country — are increasingly in the spotlight of news agencies. Both projects have a lot in common. We are talking about the allocation of natural gas to heavier, more valuable hydrocarbons with subsequent processing of them into products of petrochemical — primarily polymers. The remaining gas will be exported.

The gas pipeline will reach from Eastern and Western Siberia to the border regions (the Amur and Leningrad oblast, respectively), which will go for recycling. Here it is necessary to clarify that each of the projects will be implemented by two different serial production.

Another 13 people fell ill COVID-19 in Saratov regional hospital

Another 13 people were infected with coronavirus infection in Balashov district hospital in the Saratov region, where one of the branches because of the threat COVID-19 previously closed on quarantine, said Wednesday the first Deputy Minister of health of the region Stanislav Shuvalov.

The regional operational headquarters for the fight against COVID-19 June 2, said that 18 people infected with the coronavirus infection identified in one of the offices Balashov regional hospital, which is already closed on quarantine. On Wednesday, Oberstar reported identifying 25 new cases of coronavirus in the territory of the Balashov district.

The Saratov Ministry of health to find out the cause of death of the veteran after the examination

The Ministry of health of the Saratov region on behalf of the Governor understands the situation with the death of a veteran of the great Patriotic war after the passage of preventive examinations in the regional hospital for war veterans, said Wednesday the first Deputy Minister of health of the region Stanislav Shuvalov.

Previously, the Department of the RF IC in the region reported that investigators are checking reports of the death of 94-year-old veteran of the great Patriotic war Vasily Mitchenko. According to preliminary data, the veteran may 14, was admitted into the hospital for routine examinations, health complaints he was not, and at the end of may he was discharged, while the one that's taken of the patient's relatives noticed the symptoms of stroke, although the staff of the medical establishment never told them about it and did not take appropriate measures for its timely assistance. The veteran died on June 14.

The number of cases COVID-19 physicians in the Saratov region exceeded 700

The number of health workers infected with coronavirus infection in the Saratov region, has exceeded 700 people, said on Wednesday first Deputy Minister of health of the region Stanislav Shuvalov.

In total, the region 4982 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, died in 39 patients, recovered 2317. According to the health Ministry of the region on June 15, the number of infected with a coronavirus health care providers in the area amounted to 615, of which 33 received insurance payments for a total amount of 2.27 million rubles.