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Roshydromet plans to restore the network of observations of the Arctic ice

To ensure the operation of vessels on the Northern sea route it is necessary to resume the work of ten polar stations in the Arctic seas, and to restore the monitoring stations at the mouths of large Northern rivers, told RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Igor Shumakov.

In connection with plans to increase volume of cargo transportation via the Northern sea route (NSR), you must provide the court with timely information about the state of the ice. Currently, the Arctic region has only 41 ice station. The overall density of the observation network is insufficient.

In Roshydromet told about the situation with the scientific center on Svalbard

Threats to the buildings of the Russian scientific center on Svalbard due to the melting permafrost no, told RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Igor Shumakov.

The destruction of permafrost is considered to be one of the major threats to the economy of Northern regions. Change the properties of the permafrost in connection with climate change leads to a decrease in the bearing capacity of foundations of buildings and infrastructure.

Roshydromet estimated the extent of melting ice in the Arctic ocean

The minimum value of ice with 80 years decreased by about half, and perennial ice and did almost disappeared, told RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Igor Shumakov.

The interlocutor of the Agency noted that experts believe the reduction of ice, the main manifestation of the changes in ice conditions in the Arctic. This happens all year round.

The head of Roshydromet explained the emergence of new Islands in the Arctic

New Islands in the Arctic appear due to the melting of the glaciers and sediments of soil in shallow water, told RIA Novosti the head of Hydromet Igor Shumakov.

"The discovery of so-called "new" Islands in the Arctic due to the degradation of glaciers. This primarily refers to the archipelago of Franz-Joseph. In some cases, of the Peninsula, covered with ice, while the retreat of the glacier was separated by Straits from the main land and thus turned into Islands. Today this process continues and it is difficult to say how many more amendments would have to be made in geographic and navigation maps of the Northern polar region," said Shumkov.