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Russia will be able to intercept "super-duper" US missiles, says expert

Russia will be able to intercept hypersonic missiles, when they will be adopted into service by the us army, told RIA Novosti on Friday, chief editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko.

Previously, the Pentagon confirmed that during the speed test of the new hypersonic missiles, which the President Donald trump called "super-duper", exceeded the speed of sound in 17 times.

"Can protect from meteorites". Focus told about the Russian "Prometheus"

Russian anti-aircraft missile system s-500 "Prometheus" is ahead of Western counterparts by 15-20 years, writes the German edition of Focus.

"The stealth aircraft will also become an easy target for the latest complex", — stated in the article.

The expert called the statement of the commander of the Ukrainian Navy a bluff

The naval forces of Ukraine today is extremely weak and disorganized to conduct any military operations, especially against Russia, said RIA Novosti military expert Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, the commander of naval forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Neiipp said about preparing to full-scale warfare against Russia, which, according to him, may attack the Kherson water in order to put the water from the Dnieper river to the Crimea. He mentioned the Ukrainian missile complex "Neptune", which is able to get to Sevastopol.

The expert explained why Turkey will not abandon the s-400

Turkey does not sell s-400 to the United States because it questions national security is more important than the political situation, said RIA Novosti Director of the Center for analysis of world arms trade (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, Republican Senator John Thune has offered to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile system s-400 from Turkey to resolve differences between Washington and Ankara.

The expert appreciated the words about a hypothetical conflict between Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine unsuccessfully ordered inherited from the Soviet military and industrial potential, and now pointless to even discuss her prospects in a hypothetical conflict with Russia, says military expert Igor Korotchenko.

He commented on the statement of the former Minister of transport and communications Yevhen Chervonenko that Ukraine "will never win" Russia in the war. The former official expressed the opinion that Kiev would "with dignity, without humiliation," to cooperate with Moscow without compromising their own interests.

The expert commented on the refusal of Russia from the radar "Balkhash" in Kazakhstan

The decision on decommissioning of the radar stations of the Russian system of missile warning (EWS) Balkhash located in Kazakhstan, is timely and will not affect the security of Russia, told RIA Novosti chief editor of the magazine "national defense", a member of the public Council at the Russian defense Ministry Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin supported the denunciation of the agreement with Kazakhstan on the use of the Balkhash radar in the Russian System of missile warning, according to which Russia refuses to use this station.

Russia responded to the statement about the Ukrainian "missile strike" on the ships

The Russian Parliament and military specialists are not frightened by the words Ukrainian expert Michael Zirkova, who said about the ability of Kiev to reach ships in Novorossiysk.

Previously, the specialist said that thanks to the new anti-ship cruise missile R-360 Neptun Ukraine allegedly can hit targets off the coast of Crimea as well as Russian ships in the port of Novorossiysk.

The expert predicted Ukraine geopolitical catastrophe with the attack on Russia

Naval base in Novorossiysk is securely covered from the air and attempts to attack her anti-ship missiles will lead Ukraine to a "geopolitical catastrophe," said military expert, chief editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military expert Mikhail Zhirokhov told the newspaper "Business capital" that the new anti-ship cruise missiles (ASM) P-360 Neptun "can reach" to the Russian ships in Novorossiysk with its placement on the coast of the Azov sea.

The expert explained what is protected Russia from hitting the United States via the North pole

Russia is reliably protected from the impacts of strategic aviation of the USA via the North pole with modern air defense systems, but the grouping of forces and means should be increased due to the increased activity of NATO in the Arctic, believes the military expert, chief editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko.

Informed military expert Vladislav Shurigin, commenting on the frequent flights of us strategic aircraft in the Arctic, reported the newspaper "Izvestia" that the United States work out the targeting of Russia is the shortest distance between the two countries via the North pole.

Korotchenko has called the cancellation of the procession on the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the regions of reasonable

The abolition of the festive procession dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the regions where it is still not stabilized the situation with coronavirus, is a reasonable measure, dictated by concern for the Russians, told RIA Novosti member of the public Council at the Russian defense Ministry Igor Korotchenko.

Scheduled for June 24, festive processions in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war was canceled in 14 cities of Russia: Pskov, Vologda, Yaroslavl, Orel, Kursk, Belgorod, Perm, Penza, Saransk, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Irkutsk

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