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Four countries have adopted the EU recommendations on lifting restrictions on the borders

Associated with the Schengen area Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland acceded to the recommendations adopted by the Council of the EU, the gradual removal of restrictions on the optional trip to the European Union from 1 July, said the Council.

The Council on Tuesday agreed on the recommendation regarding the progressive removal of restrictions on the optional trip to the European Union, adopting the list of countries in which borders can start to open from 1 July. It did not include, for example, Russia and the United States.

Biography Of Gudny Johannesson

Icelandic statesman Gudny Johannesson (Gudni Jóhannesson) was born 26 Jun 1968 in Reykjavik. His father was a sports coach, the mother was engaged in teaching and journalism.

In 1987 he graduated from high school in Reykjavik.

The current President of Iceland is elected for a second term

The current President of Iceland Gudny Johannesson won the presidential election in the country with a score of 92.2%, according to the results of counting of votes, published by the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV.

Elections were held in Iceland on 27 June, they participated in 168 821 residents. The turnout was 66.9%.

The procedure for the election of the President of Iceland

In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Iceland (1944), legislative power belongs jointly to the President and Parliament (the Althingi).

The President is head of state and is elected by direct secret ballot.

Appeared the first reviews of the Comedy "Eurovision: a History of fire Saga"

In the Network, viewers and critics left the first reviews of Comedy Netflix the Eurovision song contest: History of fire Saga" about the popular music competition with will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles.

On the aggregator web site dedicated to the collection of reviews Rotten Tomatoes, the film David Dobkin received a 56 percent "freshness" (for this film resource is considered successful when it receives from viewers and critics 60 percent positive reviews, and more. — Approx.ed.) is the average result.

Identified as the European country with the cheapest electricity

Residents of Liechtenstein in Europe can buy electricity at their average salaries, least of all the people of Moldova, and between them a marked tenfold difference, according to a study by RIA Novosti.

The basis of the ranking of European countries on the availability of electricity for the population is the number of kilowatt-hours that could be purchased on the average wage of the inhabitants of the various countries in late 2019–early 2020. Russia is located in the middle.

The audience "deprived" Bilan winning the Eurovision song contest

Viewers of the Eurovision song contest voted on past performances in different years, the results have been published in the official account of the contest on Twitter. The respondents moved the final winner of the 2008 Dima Bilan in ninth place.

The new leader of Eurovision 2008, Twitter users have chosen a Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who took on the competition in second place. Behind her in the updated ranking are Greece and Iceland.

Finland from June 14 open borders for tourists from certain countries

The government of Finland will update on Thursday guidelines for foreign travel of citizens, allowing tourism with the Baltic States, Iceland, Denmark and Norway from June 14, according to the state broadcasting company YLE, citing a government source.

At the moment you can travel within the country.

Named the safest country

Safest country in the world again ranked Iceland won first place in the global peace index, published by the analytical center "Institute for Economics and peace".

In second place — New Zealand — the third Portugal. The top ten also included Austria, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Czech Republic, Japan and Switzerland.

Denmark opens borders for tourists from Norway, Germany and Iceland

The Danish government took the decision to open from 15 June borders for tourists from Norway, Germany and Iceland, while visitors cannot stay overnight in Copenhagen and other major cities, said on Friday the Minister of health of the country's Magnus Heinicke.

"One of the conditions in which we only allow entry from Germany, Iceland and Norway, something that tourists can't stay overnight in Copenhagen and other big cities. You can go there to dine in the restaurant, but have to spend the night elsewhere," said Heinicke during the press conference.