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Protection of the Lion of Parnassus was asked to soften the conditions of house arrest

Protection of the Lion of Parnassus, the accused in the United States in violation of the rules of conducting election campaigns, asked the court to mitigate his conditions of house arrest in connection with a fracture of his wife, reads a copy of the request in the database of court documents.

In this connection the lawyer asked to change the strict house arrest for a limited subject to certain conditions. Move proposed to allow only district in the County of palm beach, Florida. The reason for the output can be only buying food and household goods, exit with the kids, walking the dog, escorting the couple to the hospital.

In Ukraine, commented on the case of a bribe of six million dollars

Former Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden and his son hunter does not appear in the case of proposal 6 million dollars in bribes to the leadership of anti-corruption authorities of Ukraine, said at a briefing head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office (SAP) Nazar Golodnitsky.

On Friday, the Ukrainian law enforcers said about the attempt of bribe in $ 6 million heads of Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office and the National anti-corruption Bureau for the closure of the criminal case. A bribe was offered for closing the case about the embezzlement and laundering of proceeds of crime. According to one version, the bribe was offered for the closure of the case regarding the company Burisma, which featured former Minister of ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky. Three people arrested in the case of the offer of a bribe, one of the defendants received the status of a suspect.