Latest News - #Humanitarian assistance

Prigogine responded to the communications sent to him about the "instant noodles"

Producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Fifth channel" has commented on reports about sending him help in the form of instant noodles.

Earlier in mass media the producer said that the artists, especially the young, were in a "terrible situation" because of the pandemic coronavirus, as now they are deprived of the opportunity to earn. On Saturday, the party "Communists of Russia" reported that he had sent Prigogine and his wife Valeria "humanitarian aid" in the form of several packs of noodles "Doshirak" in connection with complaints of artists in a difficult financial situation.

Kosachev explained the prohibition of the West to seek help from Russia

The West is afraid that his failure in the fight against coronavirus generate the sympathy of the allies to Russia and China, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev live on NSN.

So the MP commented on the publication of foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to the Chinese newspaper Global Times. The Minister mentioned sounding in Moscow before the charges in the desire to use humanitarian and medical assistance for "the strengthening of geopolitical influence". According to him, has reached even "contrary to basic diplomatic norms humiliating prohibitions to appeal to Russia for medical-humanitarian assistance — regardless of how disastrous the situation."