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In Turkey announced the manufacturing of the components of the F-35 after the cancellation of the program

Turkey continued the production of components of the fifth generation fighter F-35 after the US expelled her from the program, said the head of the defense Ministry of the country Hulusi Akar.

As previously announced, the Pentagon, USA buy destined Turkey the F-35 after the cancellation of the program of cooperation for their production due to the purchase by Ankara of the Russian s-400.

Whose side Russia in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict?

On Armenia-Azerbaijan border once again go shooting for the past 30 years, this news had the order a bit to our citizens. Meanwhile, for the first time artillery fire began on the border of the two republics when it was not a state border. When we lived in the same state, and it was the first flames of war, full played in the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, Armenians and Azerbaijanis shot at each other not in Nagorno-Karabakh, the dispute which was the cause of their conflict, and in the far North — but this conflict still has direct relevance to Russia and our national interests. Is there a risk of a major war in the Caucasus? And what should Russia do?

At least be aware of the fact that the Karabakh issue was the first severe blow to the unity of the Soviet Union — that is, from February 1988 begins the process of disintegration of our country. Up to this moment for several months in Karabakh was restless, began the ethnic conflict and the Nagorno — Karabakh Autonomous region appealed to the Union leadership to Gorbachev with a request to transfer autonomy from the Azerbaijani SSR to the Armenian. Precedents of transfer of autonomy from one Republic to another in the USSR was not long ago, especially under the pressure from below, and the center tried to settle — but acted clumsily, on the ground was not seen to be serious about Moscow, and Armenians hoped to take advantage of the restructuring and to recover what they considered "historical justice", that is to reunite the Armenian land and Armenians of Karabakh and Armenia into one country.

Armed forces of Turkey will support Azerbaijan on the background of the escalation on the border with Armenia

The Minister of defence of Turkey, Hulusi Akar has reaffirmed its full support for Azerbaijan on the background of military escalation on its border with Armenia, while Armenia with responsibility for the incident.

"We strongly condemn the attacks of the Armenian side into the Tovuz district of Azerbaijan. We Express our condolences to the family of dead Azerbaijani servicemen, and wish a speedy recovery to the injured. We will continue all possible assistance and support to the armed forces of Azerbaijan against Armenia, which for many years pursued a policy of aggression, illegally occupying Azerbaijani lands", said the Turkish Minister, who was quoted by the Anadolu news Agency.

The Minister of defence of Turkey and the chief of staff arrived in Libya

The Minister of defence of Turkey, Hulusi Akar and chief of staff of the armed forces Yasar Guler arrived with an unannounced visit to Libya, Anadolu Agency reports.

"Akar and Guler arrived in Libya to review the activities related to the inmates earlier statements," - said the Agency.

"Lit up on the video" what weapons in Syria, Russia surprised the world

Powerful, high-precision, long-range Russian military group in Syria has been successfully applying operational-tactical missile complexes (PTRC) “Iskander-M”. Recently they took part in the Victory parade at the airbase Hamim and passed in a convoy along with the armored cars “Tiger-M” and “Typhoon”, a BTR-82A armored vehicles and anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems “Armour”. Why in the Arab Republic has deployed “Iskander” and what other weapons there were in the material RIA Novosti.

For the first time on the Russian PTRC in Syria in December 2017 was announced by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He explained that the systems were applied for high-precision strikes on key targets of the militants along with cruise missiles “Caliber”, X-55 and some other weapons. A year later, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that “Iskander” confirmed the high efficiency in combat, and all identified deficiencies are corrected.

Of the Turkish armed forces reported the destruction of more than 700 goals of the PKK in Northern Iraq

The Turkish army in the course of the operation Pençe-Kaplan (tiger's Claw) in Northern Iraq killed more than 700 goals of the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ' party, said the Minister of defence of the Republic Hulusi Akar on Saturday.

"Since the beginning of operation Pençe-Kaplan captured about 150 caves of terrorists eliminated about 160 improvised explosive devices, confiscated a large quantity of ammunition, destroyed more than 700 terrorist targets," said ACAR, quoted by the website of the Ministry of defense of Turkey.