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Audit chamber said about the risk of growth of the number of defrauded investors

Chamber of accounts revealed the risks of increasing the number of defrauded investors and the failure of plans for completion of problem objects, said the auditor of the Department Svetlana Orlova.

It also provides an assessment of the Fund of protection of rights of investors on January 1, 2020, according to where you want to finish 3137 houses that you need 686 billion. The "Bank House.Russia" has estimated that from the Federal budget in 2020-2024 years for these purposes will require approximately 722 billion rubles, said the Agency, adding that the law on the budget of the Fund in 2020, is only allocated 3 billion rubles, and in 2021 or 2022 allocations generally not scheduled.

In Tallinn and planning to tighten the rules of renting to tourists

Authorities of the capital of Estonia want to toughen rules of delivery of housing tourists in apartment buildings, according to evropul's.

It is expected that the owner will need to enlist the support of at least 65 percent of the neighbors. They need to confirm that they don't mind "strangers" in the entrance.

In Labytnangi built 802 apartments for the resettlement of dilapidated Fund

More than 800 apartments for the resettlement of people from emergency Fund built in the town of Labytnangi in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YANAO), said on Thursday the press-service of the Governor of Yamal.

"In the active stages of construction are now four of the seven apartment buildings. Together, they provide more than 36 thousand square meters of new housing, this 802 apartments for resettlement of citizens from emergency Fund. Some houses will be commissioned next year, the rest in 2022," - said in the message.