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In the Dominican Republic decided how to receive tourists

The Ministry of tourism of the Dominican Republic published the final security protocols that should be observed by tour operators and hotels to take the foreign visitors that the country became available from 1 July, according to ATOR.

At airports immediately upon disembarking from the plane, all passengers will measure the temperature. If it is above 38 degrees Celsius and/or there are other symptoms of the disease, tourists will do a quick test on COVID-19 and will take measures for their isolation and treatment.

Tourist infected COVID-19, 72 hours traveled in Crete

A tourist from Romania, which has proved to be a positive test result for Covid-19, traveled to the island of Crete for at least 72 hours after arrival, according to Greece Greek Reporter.

A traveler came to Greece with the intention to spend a summer vacation on one of the most popular Islands of the country. After arriving at the international airport of Heraklion her tested for coronavirus, as indicated in the protocols established by the Greek government.

The expert told how much it costs an independent vacation in the Crimea

Experts of the Russian accommodation booking: find out how much it will cost independent tourists vacation this summer in the resorts of the Crimea, reports Tvil.ru.

However, she said that there is a price increase on the part of the owners of the accommodation facilities of 15-30 percent.

In Israel recounted how the resorts take tourists

In Association tourism, Netanya shared information about how to recover after a pandemic, and operate tourist attractions of the city, following the new sanitary regulations "Purple sign".

Today in the Israeli resort of Netanya will open the most hotels. This place before the pandemic was visited by more than 13 percent of Russians coming to the country, the press service of the Ministry of tourism of the country.

The Emirate of RAS al-Khaimah was the first to receive the security certificate

RAS El Khaimah (UAE) became the first tourist destination in the world, received a security certificate French inspection and certification company and the world Council for tourism and travel (WTTC), the press service of the Department of tourism development of the Emirate.

To get the certificates was developed and implemented a program for the introduction of strict health, sanitary and hygienic safety in all hotels of RAS al-Khaimah. The purpose of all innovations is to minimize possible risks to employees and guests.

Tour operators: in the popular Anapa hotels may run out of space

In the popular Anapa hotels is projected the deficit of places for the second half of July and August, the charters are filled to 100 percent, according to ATOR.

Reservation, according to experts, are ahead of last year values by an average of 30 percent.

In Turkey reported, how to deal with tourists, which will identify the coronavirus

In Turkey told how to deal with tourists, which will identify the coronavirus, according to ATOR.

The Minister of tourism and culture Mehmet Ersoy recently met with ambassadors from 50 countries, in the course of the conversation, he told me what measures the country has introduced for the safe stay of tourists. According to the Turkish side, representatives of the Russian Federation at the meeting was.

It became known as the hotels in the Dominican Republic to change the system "all inclusive"

All the hotels on the territory of the Dominican Republic, who previously worked on the system "all inclusive", to return to it after the return of foreign tourists, but with some modifications, said the Director of the office for tourism in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Galina Lysenko.

"The hotels are fully loaded, is about 50 percent of the total load. Service system all inclusive stays at all the hotels where she was before — said the expert. But there are some changes. If in a hotel, for example, 10 power points, but three service worked only two restaurants, but now they all, including bars, will be open to visitors throughout the day. That is, it will be the buffets in all the restaurants that are on site".

Race rivals: experts spoke about the sales of tours on the Black sea

Experts told which direction is more popular with tourists in Sochi or the Crimea, according to Rata News.

According to experts, after it became known that from 1 July, guests from all regions of Russia will be able to come to the Crimea, the sale of tours to the Peninsula immediately increased.

In the UK the herd of cows seized the territory of the hotel

In the UK, near the town of Stafford, the herd of cows seized the territory of the hotel, reports UPI.

The owner of the hotel and the restaurant with him Chris Lewis is preparing to open the business after a pandemic coronavirus.

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