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In Hollywood want to make a movie about the first weeks of the outbreak COVID-19 in China

Hollywood company SK Global Entertainment has begun work on a new movie whose plot will unfold around the first weeks of the spread of coronavirus in China and the work of doctors faced with an unknown deadly virus, reports the Wall Street Journal.

"How the virus got out of the cave with bats in Wuhan, the question that we will not soon become available answer. It will be a medical drama rather than a Thriller about a pandemic", - leads edition of the words of the future of screenwriter Charles Randolph - owner of the award "Oscar" for the screenplay for the film "shorting".

Artists have accused Hollywood in the maintenance of the cult of the white race

More than 300 artists, including actors Idris Elba, viola Davis and Octavia Spencer have accused Hollywood in praise of the police and the preservation of the heritage of the culture of white supremacist, according to the publication Variety, which cites the text of the letter.

The authors of the letter — actor Kendrick Sampson has, actress Tessa Thompson and activists Petrissa Callers and Melina Abdullah — refer to "allies in Hollywood" and please stop glamorizing the police and make greater contribution to the African-American community.

The Hollywood film studios was allowed to resume shooting

The County of Los Angeles, located in California, allowed the Hollywood studios to resume with the June 12 shooting, which was interrupted earlier because of the pandemic coronavirus, according to the channel ABC7, citing a statement by the head of district health Department Barbara Ferrer.

According to the statement of Ferrer, at the opening of the economy allowed the district government to resume the work of zoos, aquariums, campgrounds, as well as television and filming. It is noted that the opening is compliance with the necessary protocols in the health sector, including masks and social distance.