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"Black scheme": the internal enemy will destroy America, but can save Russia

Tomorrow at the Convention of the U.S. Democratic party (which will be held in online format) former Vice President Joe Biden, perhaps single-handedly choose the next President of the United States.

Rather, the future.

Trump 100 days before the election, again get used to the image of the outsider

The President of the United States Donald trump 100 days before the elections, which will be held on November 3, is very far behind his rival, Democrat Joe Biden in the polls. Voters dissatisfied with the policy of trump anti-coronavirus and protests. Even the advantage of a trump before Biden in donations to the campaign is completely evaporated. But trump won the last elections to the status of absolute outsider and so nobody would think to write him off now.

Biden now advantage more than the Hillary Clinton four years ago. According to the average indicator surveys of the site FiveThirtyEight, in March, Democrat Biden was ahead of the Republican trump an average of 3 percentage points, now eight points. In a two-stage system of American elections, however, is not the amount of votes of electors, and the electors of the state at the system of "winner in the state takes all the electors". In 2016, trump received more than 2 million votes less than Clinton, but won in States such as Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, often with a minimum gap in the popular vote. Now Biden, on average, according to RealClearPolitics, ahead of trump in popularity in all those States. His "in the pocket" of about 222 115 electors against trump (to win you need 270), clarifies the portal.

The US is preparing a coup after the election

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton jointly introduced American audiences likely explanation for the possible defeat of the Democratic candidate in the upcoming US presidential election. Probably, in case of victory of Donald trump in the elections it will be used as a pretext or for impeachment, or (more likely) for refusal of the recognition of the election results and the organization to seize power by force. Joe Biden, citing data from us intelligence — said that "the Russians try to delegitimize our electoral process."

However, as the defendants in the crimes allegedly committed against the will of American democracy, are not only we. Joe Biden, again with reference to information of the American intelligence services that it receives, said that "China and others are also involved in the action that we have lost confidence in the results (of the elections. — Approx. ed.)".

Media: the White house has removed from Grand portraits of Clinton and Bush Jr.

The official portraits of former presidents of the United States bill Clinton and George W. Bush was removed from the Grand foyer of the White house during last week and replaced them with portraits of the two Republican presidents who ruled the country for more than a century ago, informs television channel CNN.

According to the traditions of the White house, portraits of the most recent American presidents must be prominently displayed at the entrance to the building and visible to guests during formal events.

Trump urged to extradite to the U.S. a former British agent Steele

American President Donald trump considers it necessary to extradite to the United States and put in jail, which at the dirt of the former British agent Christopher Steele.

"This man should be extradited, to be tried and thrown in jail. You sick liar, who paid roguish Hillary (Clinton, the former candidate in US presidents from Democrats - ed.) and the national Committee of the Democratic party," wrote trump on Twitter.

Trump announced last battle for America. Why it won't work

In "America's birthday", July 4, Donald trump had to say some kind of "throne speech" and to congratulate the Americans with their main holiday, but stood in front of him choose to try to take the path of national reconciliation and preservation of some (illusory) political propriety, or to choose the path of maximum political confrontation, which could end the present civil war. The choice that stood before the President of the United States, can be formulated in terms of the recent history of one of the neighboring with Russia, "nedogosudarstva". Trump had to give a public answer to the question: "to Be Yanukovych or not to be?" — the only amendment that the U.S. President has no real estate in Rostov, and to change gilded, pretentious interiors of the Trump Tower in new York city to something else it will hardly be desirable.

The US President has chosen the most aggressive option — and for the past two days the American media vote on that his performance was "dark and separating". So there is — and how it was conceived. By and large, trump told Americans the bitter truth about the divided country that America is in the form in which it is like his constituents could be destroyed and that a new generation of Americans genuinely hated their own country, and it happened because of the American managerial elite that was achieved.

Trump and husband who quickly destroyed the system

Strong disorder in the current American daily life give rise to various attempts to explain what's going on. It is possible to immediately put aside judgments of local patriots in the spirit of "your America kirdyk".

And not because America is obviously not dead, because it can never be right, maybe everything, including this, the world the story is full kondykov. But because these judgments are immediately discarded: can there be anything good in Russian, promising America a lot, there is nothing to talk about.

Biden is ahead of trump in popularity, the survey showed

Candidate for US President, Democrat Joe Biden is ahead of incumbent President Donald trump by 12 points, according to a survey of public opinion, which conducted Monmouth University.

For Biden ready to vote 53% of registered voters, trump's 41%.

Biden will officially accept the nomination from the democratic party in August

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Joe Biden will formally consent to his nomination during the Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, scheduled for August, reported on Thursday, NBC News.

The Congress will take place mainly in a virtual format, delegates are requested to stay home due to concerns related to the coronavirus.

Trump explained which the idea of the Democrats will help him win the election

The President of the United States Donald trump believes he can be re-elected for a second term in November because of the appeal of the Democrats to cut funding for the police in the country.

The U.S. presidential election will be held on 3 November. The democratic presidential candidate former us Vice-President Joe Biden.

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