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HSE released the report after the statements of the Professor about the terrorist attack on Dubrovka

Higher school of Economics (HSE) issued a report entitled "Terrorism: no justification". Therefore, the University has responded to the debate on the admissibility of the excuse of terrorism for political ends, according to RBC.

Informed journalist Anna Narinsky wrote in Facebook about their long conversation with the American writer Susan Sontag, in which she called the capture of hostages on Dubrovke "the national liberation struggle of the Chechen people". Review Professor Hasan Huseynov that "all well said, Susan Sontag", users of the social network was seen as a justification of terrorism. In the University promised to give legal assessment of his statement.

The HSE will develop the far Eastern digital multiuniversity

Higher school of Economics will develop the far Eastern digital multiuniversity on the basis of the Sakhalin state University, the signing of the Memorandum took place with the participation of heads of the Ministry of education and the Russian Academy of Sciences, the press service of the University.

"The HSE will develop multiuniversity in the far East. Today, online have signed Memorandum of intentions on realization of this project. The document was signed by the rector of HSE Yaroslav Kuzminov, the Governor of the Sakhalin region Valery Limarenko, as well as representatives of leading universities in the country with the participation of Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkova, President of RAS Alexander Sergeev and Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Knyaginin," - said in the message.

The expert assessed the results of the summit of EU leaders

Ended on Tuesday a summit of European Union harmonization package to support agroekonomika after the pandemic COVID-19 showed that the two countries enterprises there is a clear trust deficit, which continues to worsen, said RIA Novosti Deputy Dean of the faculty of world economy and world politics HSE Andrew Suzdaltsev.

In the night of Tuesday in Brussels ended a summit of EU leaders, which lasted since Friday. The leaders discussed the budget and the Fund for the recovery of the European economy from the crisis caused by the pandemic. The European Commission proposed 500 billion from the Fund to implement subsidies, 250 billion as loans. In the end, under the pressure of the "Thrifty four" - the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria - configuration of the Fund is different: 390 billion euros as subsidies, 360 billion as loans.

Experts assessed the situation with coronavirus in Russia

Not all regions of Russia passed the peak of the epidemic of the coronavirus, but the country is already close to this, consider interviewed by RIA Novosti experts in the field of health.

Informed expert in statistics and modeling, Center for economic research Aghasi Tavadyan in an interview with RIA Novosti said that all Russian regions have passed the peak of infection with coronavirus, and the country is currently at the stage of extinction of the epidemic.

The expert assessed the relations of India and China

India and China in the future will consider each other as strategic rivals in the South Asian region, according to Professor of MGIMO of the MFA of Russia and the HSE Sergey Lunev.

According to him, the current geopolitical realities play an important role for the region of South Asia.

The Ministry of economic development named the most popular profession

The Ministry of economic development reviewed approximately 120 thousand jobs, published in April and may services to find work, and found that the most popular profession in the period of the pandemic become doctors and porters. This was reported by "Izvestia" with reference to the rating of the Ministry.

In third place are junior programmers, followed by software and drivers. Also popular were the products Director, welders, accountants, economists, cleaners and administrators. The list includes date, analysts, vendors, specialists, purchasing managers, technologists and lawyers-consultants. System administrators are reported to have occupied the 30th place ranking, followed by the guards. Workers of radio and television is located on the 39th place, followed by hospitality professionals, metrologists and joiner-carpenters. At the end of the ranking mechanics, specialists in operating effectiveness and examine the data, and productology.

A corridor of war. Why Moscow's proposal on Syria angered Washington

"Battle of the resolutions" on Syria in the UN Security Council ended. Moscow and Beijing vetoed a draft Western countries allowed to use for humanitarian aid outside the control of Damascus, the border crossings, the Russian variants were rejected by a majority of votes. In the end we adopted a compromise document. Who won the diplomatic victory, understood to RIA Novosti.

Discussion began on 8 July, when Moscow and Beijing vetoed a draft submitted by the delegations of Germany and Belgium providing for the delivery of humanitarian aid through the checkpoints "Bab-es-Salam and Bab-El-Hawa".

To combat coronavirus in Kazakhstan proposed the tactic of "three T"

There is currently no vaccine against coronavirus and there is no herd immunity, we need to implement the strategy of "three T", told RBC Director of the Institute of public health HSE Larisa Popovich.

This strategy includes the following points: traffic — that is, the closure of the borders, testing — the most extensive testing for early detection, including asymptomatic carriers, as well as treysing — track the chain of contacts in order to interrupt the chain of infection by coronavirus.

In the HSE, told about the tens of thousands of lives saved from COVID-19 in Russia

Designed by the Higher school of economy development models of coronavirus infection in Russia has shown that the decisions taken by government and citizens, efforts have helped to save several tens of thousands up to several million, according to the study of Economics.

There it is specified that "in the framework of this scenario assumes that you are informing the public from the government, but the authorities do not carry out active actions on prevention of the epidemic".

The analyst evaluated the statement trump the desire to "get along" with Russia

Statement of the American President Donald trump's intention to "get along with Russia" may be sincere, but assumes that Moscow and Washington will resolve their relationship problems in the context of the United States, told RIA Novosti the Russian expert, Deputy Dean of the faculty of world economy and world politics HSE Andrew Suzdaltsev.

Speaking yesterday at a joint press conference with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda, head of the American administration declared that the United States looks forward to get along with Russia, despite previously announced plans to transfer part of its troops from Germany to Poland.

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