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The analyst praised the relations between Israel and Lebanon

Statements from tel Aviv about the intention to start drilling on the deposits in the disputed Maritime area Lebanon have limited the provocative impact, a new Lebanese-Israeli war is unlikely in the foreseeable future for several reasons, told RIA Novosti the Lebanese political analyst and writer Wasim buzzy.

Earlier, the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun said that Israel's decision to start producing oil offshore in the disputed Lebanese territories will lead to escalation of tension. Special attention was paid to Aung pool is Block-9, test drilling on the Lebanese side plans to begin in the coming months.

Iraqi Prime Minister fired his national security Advisor

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kazemi was released from the post of adviser on national security and the acting head of the national security Council Faleh al-Fayyad, the leader of the people's militia, "al-Hashd al-SHAABI", said Saturday the Iraqi media.

"On the basis of the public interest and with the consent of the Prime Minister and commander of the armed forces (Mustafa al-Kazemi - ed.) ... decided to release Faleh Faisal Fahd al-Fayyad from the post of acting head of the national security Council," - said in the text of the decree published on the website of the TV channel Al-Sumaria.

In Lebanon, the judge resigned after a scandal in the media with the US Ambassador

A judge from the Lebanese city of tyre Muhammad Masih, issued a verdict banning the Lebanese journalists to interview the U.S. Ambassador in Beirut, Dorothy Shea, has resigned, according to the Lebanese TV channel "al-Mayadin".

Mazeh judge on Friday ruled the ban to the media in connection with the statements of the American Ambassador in interview to TV channel "al-Hadas", which was regarded as a blatant interference in the internal Affairs of Lebanon and aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country. For violating an order the judge imposed a fine in the amount of 200 thousand dollars and the revocation of the license. American diplomat in an interview with broadcasting from Dubai channel "al-Hadas" he accused the Shiite party Hezbollah that it does not make a decision that would help Lebanon emerge from the economic crisis, depriving the country of billions of dollars.

Lebanon's foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the United States after her criticism of the movement "Hezbollah"

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Lebanon, the Hittite Nazif called a meeting in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the US Ambassador in this country, Dorothy Shea, which is expected to be protested against intervention in the internal Affairs of Lebanon after an interview in which she criticized the Hezbollah, said on Sunday television channel Skynews Arabia.

According to TV channel, the American Ambassador should visit the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lebanon on Monday at the request of the Minister of foreign Affairs, who is going to mention about the inadmissibility of incitement of the situation in Lebanon.

The Americans saw the "Russian trace" in global terrorism

Republicans in Congress have accused Russia of supporting terrorism. For alleged sponsorship of the Taliban*, the "Islamic state"* and "Hezbollah" legislators have proposed to tighten sanctions. If Donald trump would support these allegations, the joint fight against terrorism between Moscow and Washington would be under threat. Why do Americans put at risk the most fruitful area of cooperation between the two countries, understood to RIA Novosti.

"Russia sponsors terrorism, but it creates the image of the partner in dealing with it. The commander of the U.S. military in Afghanistan has accused Moscow of direct arms supplies to the Taliban. During the Syrian war, Russia has directly interacted with the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps and Hezbollah. In Syria, the Russian troops fought mostly against the rebels supported by America. In October 2015, Russia launched air strikes on rebels and helped the militants of the IG*", — stated in the report "Strengthening America and combating global threats."

Spring commented on the accusation of Russia of sponsoring terrorists

The United States has always ignored the proposals of the Russian Federation on the establishment of a broad anti-terrorist coalition and acted in violation of international norms, said the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Spring, commenting on the report, Republicans in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress, which called Russia a sponsor of terrorist groups.

A working group of Republicans in the house of representatives was published by the report, which recommends tougher sanctions against Russia. Among other things, the authors propose to make in the list of "state sponsors of terrorism", which is the administration for allegedly supporting the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps in Iran, and movements of Hezbollah, the Taliban and the "Russian Imperial movement", which is made in the United States list of terrorist groups. In the past, Russia has repeatedly denied the charges, expressed in the report, including support for terrorist organizations.

Republicans have proposed to tighten sanctions against Russia

The working group of the largest enterprises within the Republican faction in the house of representatives was published by the report, which recommends tougher sanctions against Russia.

The report prepared by the working group of the Republican study Committee — the Association consisting of about 150 members of the house of representatives.

Lebanese Prime Minister assessed the situation in the country

Lebanon stopped trying to incite conflict on religious grounds, plans to plunge the country into civil strife still valid, said Prime Minister Hassan Diyab.

In the heart of Beirut June 6, held mass demonstration against the economic policies of the state and the deterioration of living conditions of the population amid soaring prices and the financial crisis. The protest escalated into riots and clashes with police. Later appeared the video, where a group of people shouting insults to the Shiite and Christian faiths, which led to clashes with the use of weapons in different parts of the Lebanese capital. The situation was stabilized after the intervention of the army.

Lebanon will send a request to the UN security Council on the extension of the peacekeeping mission

The Lebanese government decided to send a request to the UN security Council to extend the mission the United Nations Interim force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for a year, said the President of Lebanon Michel Aoun after meeting with Prime Minister Hassan Diaba, the ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council and the UN special representative ján kubiš.

"President Michel Aoun reiterated Lebanon's commitment to the international forces operating in southern Lebanon, UNIFIL and noted their positive role. He noted that the government had decided to send a request to the UN security Council on the extension of their mission for a year without changes to the mandate, concept of operations and rules of engagement associated with them," - says the press service of the presidential Palace.