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The Ministry of economic development named the most popular profession

The Ministry of economic development reviewed approximately 120 thousand jobs, published in April and may services to find work, and found that the most popular profession in the period of the pandemic become doctors and porters. This was reported by "Izvestia" with reference to the rating of the Ministry.

In third place are junior programmers, followed by software and drivers. Also popular were the products Director, welders, accountants, economists, cleaners and administrators. The list includes date, analysts, vendors, specialists, purchasing managers, technologists and lawyers-consultants. System administrators are reported to have occupied the 30th place ranking, followed by the guards. Workers of radio and television is located on the 39th place, followed by hospitality professionals, metrologists and joiner-carpenters. At the end of the ranking mechanics, specialists in operating effectiveness and examine the data, and productology.

Named the most popular profession in the period of the pandemic

Workers in may, is among the five most highly paid in Russia, according to Forbes, citing data from the Headhunter.

According to the information portal, may work in Russia on average was offered to 55.9 thousand rubles, which is 29% higher than a year ago and 10% more than in April. Thus, the workers were on the fifth place on the size of the offered salary. The highest paid field of steel production raw materials (71.6 per thousand), top management (70,2 thousand), construction and real estate (65.2 thousand), as well as IT and Telecom (57.4 thousand).

Media: a third of companies plan to optimize staff

In the next six months, more than a third of companies expect to cut an average of 16% of their employees. This is stated in the study hh.ru prepared for "News".

So, 14% of companies said that their staff "just reduced" and 22% — "rather decrease". With 18% of firms expect to maintain current staff, a 35% increase.