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Hawaii's plan to allow tourists to travel between Islands

The authorities of Hawaii are planning to allow tourists to travel between Islands, according to Travel and Leisure.

Officials believe that travel between the Islands in the so — called "resort bubble" — tourists who come to the resort and passed a two-week quarantine is not a hazard.

Hawaii is called the abolition of quarantine measures for tourists

Government of the Hawaiian Islands from September 1 plan to cancel a two-week quarantine for tourists, provided a negative test result for coronavirus, reports Travel and Leisure.

Travelers will need to pay for the test and to observe a quarantine until the result is available. Refused to take the test will have to go on a two week isolation.

Hawaii ready to take tourists who have passed a negative test for COVID-19

The Hawaiian Islands are ready to receive tourists who have passed a negative test for COVID-19, according to Lonely Planet.

Now tourists should be required to withstand a two-week quarantine, and only then can fully relax is to swim and to have fun. Violators of the regime fined five thousand dollars.

In Japan began to carry out a virtual wedding on the moon and the bottom of the ocean

In Japan because of the coronavirus began to cancel the wedding, but this was the reason to create a new business niche at the intersection of two activities. So there is a new service – a virtual wedding.

About the project V-Wedding RIA news said the presidents of the two companies of wedding Agency REXIT, Inc. Masaki Ando and Dr. Toshiya of Niikura co - founder-Chet Group, which creates and maintains various types of video and virtual content.