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Became known the plans for the fall semester of the best universities in USA

More than half of American universities plan to open their doors to students in the fall, but will significantly reduce the audience and will continue to teach online. RIA Novosti has reviewed plans for the fall semester of five most prestigious universities in America.

Early spring pandemic coronavirus in the United States has deprived the University everyday millions of American students. Contrary to expectations, the summer brought no relief, on the contrary, the number of cases, especially among young people, continues to grow rapidly, which leaves questions about how and when universities will be able to return to training at familiar to COVID–19 understanding.

The States have sued the administration trump for student visas

Seventeen US States and capital district of Columbia filed a lawsuit against the administration of President Donald trump, demanding to withdraw the restrictive measures on student visas.

Previously, the administration demanded that the foreigners on student visa studying in the United States on full-time or left the country. Most universities in this intend to save for near-term limitations on full-time classes due to pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Scientist warned about the implications of the coronavirus for the body

Part ill COVID-19 symptoms persist even several months after recovery, said RBC Harvard Professor Tobias Kurth.

Kurt said that while the virus has not been studied in sufficient detail so that the researchers were able to say with certainty whether the associated health problems chronic or disappear over time.

Disclosed the reason for the low mortality from COVID-19 in Germany

Professor, University medical centre Charite in Berlin and Harvard University Tobias Kurt explained the statistics of deaths from the coronavirus in Germany.

Officially, there are 108 deaths from COVID-19 per million population. This is one of the lowest in the world.