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In the first film Harry Potter magic wands were replaced by pistols

On YouTube posted a video in which the authors of the project Harry Potter With Guns removed from the film "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone" (2001), all the magical attributes, including magic wands, replacing them with a firearm.

So, instead of the Deluminator, which collects the light of Professor Dumbledore just shoots at the light, Hermione forgets about the spells, and resolves all issues with the gun, and Harry Potter in the "Shop Building" selects not a magic wand, and military weapons.

Named words that are most often encountered in books about Harry Potter

Each next book about Harry Potter British writer JK Rowling was darker and sadder than the previous one, judging by the number of words with negative connotation such as "death", "kill" and "evil". So, the last part of the series contains more than four times as many such words than the first, the statistics of book MyBook service.

In MyBook has identified the words most often used in a series of books. For example, the name Harry Potter is mentioned in the Saga of nearly 20 thousand times. Often there are nouns and adjectives related to the magic wand (1907 times), "magic" (794 times), "magic" (454 times), the conjuring (368 times), "the mantle" (365 times).

"Culture of cancellations": the self-destruction of liberalism

For the second week in the Western media, including the most popular, raging storm around the theme of the so-called culture of the cancellation.

Publications and not a single, scored all: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN, The Times, The Guardian, BBC, Forbes. To continue the list can be very long.

In the state Duma will examine the controversial publication of "Medusa" on the Rzhev memorial

The state Duma Commission on the investigation of interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation from the outside, examine the publication online publication of "Medusa" on the Rzhev memorial on compliance with the legislation, told reporters the head of the Committee Vasily Piskarev.

Earlier edition published an article with an illustration that made fun of the monument to Soviet Soldiers in the Rzhev: the publication compared the monument with a negative faceless creature the Dementors from the famous series of books about boy wizard Harry Potter.

J. K. Rowling confessed that she had been subjected to domestic violence

Author of books about Harry Potter, explained on its website, why did you allow yourself to speak out about transgender people, and for the first time admitted that he was the victim of domestic sexual violence.

"I have more than 20 years located in the centre of public attention, and has never talked about what I went through. It is not that I feel ashamed that this happened to me, and that it really hurts to think about it", — she wrote.

The oldest house of Paris and the mystery of the philosopher's stone

Precious metals were in demand in all ages - even now, with the advent of crypto-currencies, gold and silver are listed and then what to talk about in the fourteenth century. It is believed that then the French Scrivener Nicolas Flamel found out the secret of the philosopher's stone.

A magical reagent solved two problems at once - to turn any metal into gold and to significantly prolong life. If you believe the "divine Comedy" of Dante, the place alchemists in the tenth ditch of the eighth circle of hell, but this, apparently, does not much terrify those who seek eternal life.