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Israeli settlers torched a mosque near the Palestinian Ramallah

Israeli settlers set fire to a mosque in the town of al-Bireh in the vicinity of Ramallah in the West Bank, told WAFA news Agency.

"The settlers stormed the city at dawn, and wrote racist slogans on the inner walls of the mosque and set fire to the building", - quotes Agency the statement of the mayor of al-Bireh Azzam Ismail.

The authorities of the Gaza strip has denied reports about the detention of Hamas members

The Ministry of the interior in the Gaza strip, which is ruled by the Palestinian movement Hamas has denied reports about the detention of members of the movement for alleged links with Israel.

Earlier, the TV channel Al-Arabiya reported that, according to the statement, the interior Ministry of the Gaza strip, 16 members of Hamas, most of which are the military wing of the movement, were detained on charges of having links with Israel.

Bogdanov had a telephone conversation with a member of the Central Committee of Fatah

Russian Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov had a telephone conversation with a member of the Central Committee of Fatah, Azzam Ahmed, the prospects for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement and coordinated efforts to restore Palestinian national unity, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

As reported in the foreign Ministry, the telephone conversation took place on 7 July at the initiative of the Palestinian side.

Hamas blamed Israel for the death of the Palestinian inmate in jail

The ruling in the Gaza strip, the Palestinian Hamas movement blamed Israel for the death of Palestinian prisoner due to negligence, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the movement Abdullatif al-Kanu.

Earlier, Palestinian Agency al-Rai reported the death of prisoner Saadi al-Gharabli in an Israeli prison.

The Israeli army struck at Hamas targets in response to attacks

The Israeli army struck at Hamas targets after three shells were fired from Gaza towards Israeli territory, reported the press service of the Israeli military.

Earlier on Sunday, the siren warning of rocket attack, worked on the border of Israel and Gaza as two rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel. An hour later, the siren worked again - another shell was fired from Gaza towards Israeli territory and were intercepted by air defense system.

Fatah and Hamas present a United front against the Israeli plans of annexation

Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas present a United front to counter Israeli plans of annexation, was announced at the first ever joint press conference of representatives of Palestinian political movements, which was attended by member of the Central Committee of Fatah, Jibril al-rajoub and Deputy head of the political Bureau of Hamas Saleh al-Aruri.

"Our goal is the creation of a Palestinian state with full sovereignty over all Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital and a solution to the refugee problem in accordance with applicable international agreements and law," he added.

The Israeli air force attacked targets Hamas in southern Gaza

Israeli jets bombed Hamas targets in the southern part of the Gaza strip in response to the shelling, said the press service of the army.

It is reported that the strike was the Studio involved in the production of missiles, and an arms factory owned by Hamas.

Hamas would consider the annexation of the West Bank by declaring war

Hamas would consider the Israeli annexation a Declaration of war against the Palestinians, a spokesman for the paramilitary wing of Hamas, Abu Obeida.

"The Islamic resistance movement (Hamas) considers the decision to Annex the West Bank and the Jordan valley as a Declaration of war to our people, and we will make the enemy repent for this decision," said Abu Obeida the TV channel "al-Aqsa".

The detention of the "freedom Flotilla" by the Israeli military (2010)

"Freedom flotilla", an international movement whose goal is a breakout of the naval blockade of the Gaza strip.

The Gaza strip – the territory on the Mediterranean sea, to the North-East of the Sinai Peninsula. Along with the West Bank of the Jordan river, the Gaza strip constitutes the State of Palestine. The Gaza strip after the coming to power of Hamas in 2007, is blockaded by Israel and Egypt. Gaza is the most densely populated area in the world, more than 40% of the population, according to the world Bank, is below the poverty line.