Latest News - #Hama (city)

In Syria announced that the air defense repelled the attack drones in the province of Hama

The air defense system of Syria repelled the RAID of the UAV near the town of Salaam in the province of Hama, according to Syrian state channel al-Akhbar, citing its own correspondent.

On Thursday evening, Syrian Agency SANA reported the attack on Salaam unidentified drones that also was shot down by air defense forces of the SAR.

Media: the Syrian army opened fire on militants in the provinces of Hama and Idlib

The Syrian army opened fire on the terrorists in the provinces of Hama and Idlib in response to Saturday's attack, told the newspaper "al-Watan", citing an informed source.

According to the newspaper, heavy artillery hit the points of militants in six villages.

The OPCW has given Syria 90 days to address the situation with chemical weapons

The OPCW Executive Council by a vote decided on the issue of chemical weapons in Syria: the SAR is given 90 days to resolve related issues, said the press service of the organization.

"The Council expresses its deepest sympathy to the victims of use of chemical weapons and condemned the use of chemical weapons reported by the unit for the investigation and identification (GRI), which came to the conclusion, there is good reason to believe that Syria in March 2017 used chemical weapons in al-Latamne", - stated in the message of the organization.

The US welcomed the request of the OPCW by Syria on chemical weapons

The United States welcomes the requirement of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) to Syria to report on perhaps the country toxic substances, said in a written statement of the state Department.

"Today's decision clearly States the measures to be taken by the government of Syria, including: report on the facilities which were developed, stored and from where they supplied the chemical weapons used in al-Latamne (in March 2017)

Israel fired missiles on Syrian army positions in Hama province

The Israeli army attacked positions of the Syrian army in two cities in the province of Hama, according to the command of the Syrian army.

Attack repelled the defences, knocking a large number of missiles.

The Syrian air defense attack reflects in the sky of Hama

The air defense system worked in the Syrian province of Hama, shot down several goals, according to Syrian state Agency SANA.

"Air defense reflect enemy attacks in the sky over the province of Hama", - writes the Agency.

The command of the Syrian army confirmed the attack, the Israeli air force

Aircraft of the Israeli air force attacked the positions of the army cap in the area of Mysafe in the province of Hama, the air defense system managed to shoot down of the missiles, according to a statement by the commander of the Syrian army.

Earlier media reported an air attack in the area of Misefa, where the work of the Syrian air defense. It was also reported that the Israeli air force were seen flying over Lebanese cities of Byblos, Keserwan and IDA. The Israeli army declined to comment on media reports.