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The UN has estimated the impact of the pandemic COVID-19 to HIV

Pandemic COVID-19 may seriously undermine the effectiveness of measures to combat HIV in the world, the statement said the joint UN programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) released on Monday.

"Pandemic COVID-19 has seriously affected the AIDS response and in the future could further undermine their effectiveness. Complete treatment interruption for HIV infection at six months can cause more than 500,000 excess deaths in countries of sub-Saharan Africa in the next year (2020-2021), which will throw the region to the level of mortality from AIDS, which was in 2008. Even a 20 percent break in treatment can cause additional 110,000 deaths," - said in a statement UNAIDS.

In the Kuzbass region recorded the highest number of new HIV infections

The greatest number of new cases of HIV infection in 2019 per 100 thousand population registered in the Kemerovo and Irkutsk regions, and in Perm region, the lowest - in Chechnya, Dagestan and Kalmykia, follows from the data of statistical compilation of the Ministry of health of Russia, seen by RIA Novosti.

"The number of patients with first time established diagnosis of HIV infection in the Russian Federation per 100 thousand of the population concerned: Kemerovo oblast – 164,3, Perm Krai – 132,8, Irkutsk oblast amounted to 130.1", - is spoken in the collection.

The health Ministry said the number of Russian children with HIV-positive status

About 10 thousand children with HIV infection live in Russia, in the year infects about 250 children, said chief freelance specialist MoH of Russia on problems of diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection Evgeny Voronin.

"10 thousand us for the past years, this figure has not changed. The number of new HIV infections among children is quite small -- approximately 250 children born to HIV-infected mothers," said Voronin in an online conference "the Spread of HIV infection in children."