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Russia gave Guinea resuscitators and test systems to combat COVID-19

Russia gave the Republic of Guinea, the ventilator and test systems in humanitarian aid to combat coronavirus infection COVID-19, said the foreign Ministry.

"The tenth of July special flight of the Ministry of defense of Russia in the Republic of Guinea was delivered humanitarian aid to facilitate the strengthening of national capacities in this West African country in combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection, including ventilators, consumables for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the domestic test-systems and reagents for conducting research on COVID-19", - stated in the message of the Ministry.

The who said the threat of new outbreaks of Ebola in Africa

New outbreaks of Ebola can occur in African countries, a need for more large-scale vaccination, said RIA Novosti the representative of who on the Ebola outbreak in the DRC, Nga Nsenga.

He noted that vaccination will be a key solution to this problem.