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Lukashenko instructed to deploy troops in Grodno

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has ordered to transfer airborne brigade from Vitebsk to Grenoble, told Sputnik of Belarus.

This order was made at a meeting at the Center for strategic management of the Ministry of defense.

The centre of Grodno blocked

Center of the Belarusian city of Grodno was empty, according to Sputnik of Belarus.

"In Grodno the entire center, Lenin square and the Soviet sterile. People do not have", — the correspondent of RIA "Novosti".

The Committee to protect journalists urged Minsk not to interfere with the press in the country

Based in new York, a non-governmental organization "Committee to protect journalists" (CPJ) has called on the Belarusian authorities not to interfere with press to cover events in the country and investigate attacks on them.

According to the Committee, when reporting on the riots attacked the police on Sunday attacked at least four journalists, at least five were arrested. Also on Monday was detained at least three journalists in Hrodna, said the Committee.

Belarus vs Tikhanovski opened a criminal case

Criminal proceedings were instituted against the husband of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski blogger Sergei Tikhanovski on the fact of incitement to violent action against the police, reported the press service of the Investigative Committee of the country.

"Main investigation Department of the Central office of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus in relation to Tikhanovski excited a number of criminal cases... So, in relation to a criminal case... on the facts of committing premeditated actions aimed at different excitation of social hatred, and incitement to commit violent aggressive actions against law enforcement officers", - is spoken in the message.

Belarusian blogger Tikhanovski extended the period of detention

The candidate on a post of the President of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski said that her husband – great oppositionist Sergei Tikhanovski extended their detention until 29 September.

Previously, the period of detention Tikhanovski has been extended to 8 August. Videobloger and a number of his supporters have been detained since the end of may, against them criminal case under article "organization and preparation of activities that breach public order" because of the incident at the picket in Grodno, where there was a scuffle with two police officers. In addition, 16 Jun not registered by the authorities of Belarus human rights center "Viasna" reported that in respect of Tikhanovski one more criminal case – for obstructing the election. During the time spent in jail run several times placed in solitary confinement. Defenders of the Republic think of the blogger as a political prisoner.

Lukashenko said about undermining the situation in Belarus on the background of the election

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that the Republic on the background of the presidential election are undermining the situation, but many people do not understand.

"The main fact, people do not understand that you are undermining the situation. If we hadn't sobered some, today, would have raged and Essen (a city in the Minsk region – ed.)", - Lukashenka said in Salihorsk during a meeting with representatives of the Minsk region. A fragment of this meeting showed the TV channel "Belarus 1" on Sunday.

Moosie: on admin channel "Belarus of the brain" brought the case

Administrator popular in Belarus Telegram-channel Igor moosie detained on criminal case about the organization of activities that breach public order, said his wife Daria.

Thursday popular in Belarus Telegram-channel "Belarus in the brain", specializing in socio-political topics and has 168 thousand subscribers, announced that it detained the administrator and the author moosie, in his apartment in Baranovichi (Brest region) was searched. The report noted that moosie detained within the criminal case, however, no indication what it is. It was also noted that the confiscated equipment.

Russia celebrates the Day of memory and grief

The day of memory and grief is celebrated in Russia on June 22, exactly 79 years ago with the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union began the Great Patriotic war. Previously, on this occasion, the Ministry of defense opened a special website portal where posted declassified documents related to the first days of the war.

"Then, suddenly, our country was hit by the troubles, had resulted in the deaths of millions of our countrymen and the destruction of thousands of cities and villages. For those who survived that war, for children and grandchildren of soldiers of the red Army who fought for the world in which we live today, this day is the Day of memory and grief," — said in the Department of information and mass communications of the military.

Belarusian blogger Tikhanovski left in solitary confinement until June 26

Videobloger Sergei tikhanovski, whose wife is being nominated to the presidents of Belarus, left in solitary confinement until June 26, said Saturday not registered by the authorities of the Republic of the human rights center "Spring".

Center on 13 June reported that tikhanovski placed in solitary confinement, prison until June 19, the exact cause of the seizure is unknown.

Human rights activists reported a new case in the Belarusian blogger Tikhanovski

A new criminal case was brought against the works of Sergei Tikhanovski, whose wife, Svetlana's running for President of Belarus, reported not registered by the authorities of Belarus human rights center "Spring".

Earlier, the head of the Central election Commission of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina said that appealed to the investigative Committee of the Republic with the request to check whether the actions fall under Tikhanovski criminal charges of obstructing the elections and the work of the CEC.

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