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Rapota spoke about the new projects of the Union state

Union state Secretary Grigory Rapota told reporters at a press conference dedicated to the Day of the Union state within the framework of XXIX international festival of arts "Slavianski Bazaar" in Vitebsk, on major projects that are planned, and that interested him during his visit to the Vitebsk region, reports Sputnik.

This year the Secretary of state went to Orsha, visited the new logistics centre, looked an upgraded runway and a new air terminal, got acquainted with work of the Dubrovno flax plant.

Rapota: the roadmap for the abolition of roaming charges between Russia and Belarus is ready

The Secretary of state Grigory Rapota said at a press conference dedicated to the Union state Day, which takes place in the framework of "Slavianski Bazaar" told about when you plan to abolish roaming charges between the two countries, reports Sputnik.

The question of the abolition of roaming charges worked out by the ministries of communications of the two countries for a long time, and, as previously noted, the Belarusian side, even the situation with coronavirus should not seriously affect the timing of the signing of the final documents, the report said.

The Federal government is ready to facilitate dialogue between Russia and Ukraine

The Federal government is willing to promote relations between Russia and Ukraine, if it is claimed, said the SG Secretary Grigory Rapota.

"If it is possible to establish relations with Ukraine and will need our participation, I gladly will. Sure, our staff too," Rapota said during an online conference.

Rapota: the economy - a basis of strategy of development of the Union state

. Economic projects, including programmes of the Union state should become a key direction of development of strategic relations between Russia and Belarus, said the Union state Secretary Grigory Rapota.

He took part in an online conference on Wednesday, devoted to prospects of development of relations between the two countries.