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Tourists are told where they want to relax after the opening of the borders

Tourists interviewed by the online service, said if they are willing to change plans for the summer, if in the near future will open flights from a number of countries, reports OneTwoTrip.

Among the countries that in the near future may be possible, the media citing sources in the government called, for example, Hungary, Maldives, South Korea and UAE.

Greece believes that it is unacceptable to find a Turkish vessel in the EEZ of Cyprus

Greece finds it unacceptable that the Turkish research vessel Barbaros will carry out seismic exploration of oil and gas resources in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Cyprus, said the official representative of the government of Greece Stelios Petsas at a briefing on Thursday.

According to him, Ankara has made a positive step towards de-escalation of relations with Greece after the "illegal" warning NAVTEX (Navtex) of 21 July about the conduct of seismic research in the area of kastellorizo.

In Greece ten tourists discovered coronavirus

In Greece for the last days revealed 57 new cases COVID-19, ten of them discovered tourist destination on the control when entering the country, said Wednesday the national organization of public health.

The total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 4336.

Not all countries have confirmed participation in the forum "Army 2020" because COVID-19

Pandemic coronavirus was reflected in the number of countries participating in the forum "Army 2020", is confirmed by the participation of only 35 of the 133 invited countries, said the head of Department of exhibition activity of the main Department of the research activities and technological support of advanced technologies of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Oleg Kulakovsky.

"The current epidemiological situation has certainly complicated the preparations for the forum, particularly the involvement of foreign States. Official invitations were sent to heads of defense agencies of 133 countries", - he told in interview to the newspaper "Red star".

The Greek government returned two million pensioners trimmed pensions

The Greek government will comply with court orders and refund the 2 million pensioners, reduce pensions, it will go to 1.4 billion euros, told reporters on Wednesday, an official in the government.

In Greece at the request of international creditors in 2010 were the reduction of pensions, which, in the opinion of the financiers, were disproportionately large. Was closed funds supplementary pension provision, canceled payment "gift" of the 13th and 14th pensions for the holidays and trimmed in 2010-2012. Was also cut an additional, so-called epicurean pensions derived from contributions to private insurance funds.

Gazprom resumed gas supplies to Greece

The pumping of Russian gas to Greece via Bulgaria resumed Wednesday, told reporters in the "Gazprom export".

"Transportation of Russian gas to Greece via Bulgaria resumed from the beginning of the gas day on July 29. According to our Bulgarian partners, applications for transport on 29 July will be fully implemented," - said in a statement.

In Greece there comes a forty-degree heat

In Greece a few days will be 40-degree heat, according to the national meteorological service EMY.

In recent days, Greece has been the 35 degree heat.

The Greek physician appreciated the possibility of a second wave COVID-19 in the country

The second wave of coronavirus in Greece is unlikely, and the threat COVID-19 need to be taken seriously, but not overestimated, said to RIA Novosti, the Greek physician Fedor Ignatiadis, head of the therapeutic Department Euroclinic of Athens.

In addition to working in one of the largest private hospitals in Athens, Ignatiadis heads of the Greek-Russian club "Dialogos", publishes the newspaper "Athens courier".

In Greece per day revealed 52 new cases COVID-19

In Greece over the past day 52 revealed new cases of infection COVID-19, seven of them discovered in the control when entering the country, said Tuesday the national organization of public health.

The total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 4279.

Greece 1 Aug will open six ports for cruise ships

Cruise ships from August 1 will be able to visit six ports of Greece, official notice of tourism Minister Haris theoharis sent to the International Association of cruise lines (CLIA) and the three largest companies in this sector that operate in Greece (MSC Cruises, Costa, TUI Cruises). This was announced by the Greek tourist organisation GNTO.

"The Minister of tourism officially announced that since August 1, 2020 cruise ships allowed to visit six ports when entering Greece. In particular, the ports of Piraeus, Rhodes, Heraklion, Volos, Corfu and Katakolo. After the first mooring cruise liners will be able to go to any other Greek port included in the route. Theoharis explained that this mode will only change in case of new epidemiological conditions," said the organization.

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