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In the list of strategic enterprises includes three jewelry companies

"Moscow jewelry factory", the company "Yuvelit" and "Novosibirsk refinery" entered in the list of strategic organizations of the Russian economy under the purview of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, reported on the Ministry's website.

Thus, at the moment the list of strategic organizations, which are run by the Ministry of Finance, 7 companies. The list previously included "ALROSA", "Goznak", "Prioksky plant of nonferrous metals" and "Rosspirtprom".

Russia started to print for Yemen's new banknotes

Russia started to print for Yemen, a new banknote makes it in accordance with the previously concluded contract, said at a briefing the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry was asked to comment on media reports about the detention of separatists in Yemen convoy carrying 64 billion reais in banknotes printed by the Central Bank of Yemen in Russia.

The Federation Council has approved the law on the system of control over the circulation of precious metals

The Federation Council on Wednesday approved the law on the state integrated information system in the sphere of control of circulation of precious metals, precious stones and products from them.

This system is designed for receiving, processing, storing and presenting information about the origin and circulation of precious metals and stones, products from them, as well as the organization of spetsuchet. It is created in order to ensure their traceability, to confirm the authenticity and legality of origin.

The foreign Ministry denied the statement of the USA about a fake batch of Libyan currency

Claims regarding the manufacture in Russia of counterfeit currency for Libya does not correspond to reality, said the Minister.

Earlier, the state Department praised Malta for interception of the party Libyan dinars, the cost of which was over a billion dollars. The U.S. side said that the currency is supposedly fake and was published in the Russian "Goznak".