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Roskoshestvo recommended to restrict children's access to obscene songs

Roskoshestvo the study of mobile applications music services offers to consider solutions to restricting the access of children to songs with obscene language, is spoken in the message of the organization.

Roskoshestvo tested 21 of the most popular app in the Russian segment of the App Store and Google Play (10 for 11 for iOS and Android). The tests were carried out on 80 criteria, with special attention paid to the visual marking of profanity in the songs and the ability to block such content. "Roskoshestvo offers music services to consider solutions to restricting the access of children to songs with profanity," - said in the message.

Update broke charging on the flagship Samsung smartphone

The owners of the flagship smartphone series Samsung reported problems with the charging devices, reports Sam Mobile.

Problem faced the owners of some phones Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 Ultra. Gadgets are either not charged, or disconnected from charging after some time after connecting. In this case, the problem occurs regardless used whether the user is an official accessory from the manufacturer or third-party charging smartphone device.

Tina Kandelaki made fun of the iPhone

TV presenter Tina Kandelaki ridiculed in his telegram. channel smartphones from Apple.

She stressed that the Corporation for 13 years, produces the iPhone, however "revolutionary" smartphone is gone. Thus, according to the presenter, in the new operating system iOS "too much" borrowing from a competitor of Android.

Charges Apple and Google are destroying startups, said Durov

Apple and Google charge high fees for selling digital products for mobile phones, whereby users pay high prices, and start-UPS, and entire industries collapse, wrote in his Twitter the founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov.

"Apple and Google charge a crazy tax of 30% on sales of all digital goods sold in every mobile phone in the world. The result - users pay higher prices, start-UPS, and entire industries are destroyed or never appear. Regulators ignore this nonsense for 10 years", - wrote Durov.

Muscovites extended almost 60 thousand travel

Almost 60 thousand passengers travel extended of transport for two days, the press service of the Moscow Department of transport in your Telegram channel.

Earlier, during the regime of isolation and omissions, which was canceled by the mayor on June 9, the social card was blocked, also was unavailable for any types of travel and travel, in addition to the card, since it is attached a digital badge. To extend the travel (60 trips, 30 days, 90 days and 365 days and tickets "TAT" and the social card) can be had from June 12, if from 30 March to 9 June it was made not more than 22 trips. This can be done in stations and kiosks "Mosgortrans".