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Former Uber engineer was convicted of stealing secrets from "daughter" Google

A former engineer Uber Technologies Anthony Lewandowski was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to stealing trade secrets from a subsidiary of Google, said in a statement the US Department of justice.

In August 2019 Lewandowski was charged based on allegations that he stole or tried to steal sensitive files from a subsidiary of Google Waymo that helped him to establish a standalone company, which he later sold Uber for about $ 680 million. Against former engineer advanced 33 points charges. The maximum punishment in case of conviction would be 10 years and $ 250 thousand for each item.

Durov named seven iPhone owners cause for concern

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov has accused Apple in that it supposedly creates the myths around the App Store and thereby deceiving the users. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel, where he listed seven reasons why the Commission in the Apple App Store should "worry about every iPhone owner".

In particular, he pointed out that a 30 percent Commission for each application, the company increases the value of digital purchases. Moreover, the money consumers have despite the fact that they previously overpaid for the Apple phone "a few hundred dollars more than its cost".

The Ministry called on the defenders to react to the lock "of Constantinople"

The Russian foreign Ministry urged the relevant international organizations and the human rights community to react to the lock channel "Tsargrad" in Google.

Previously YouTube blocked the account of the network edition of "Tsargrad" and the eponymous TV channel, after which the publication announced the intention to go to court. In "Constantinople" drew attention to the blocking of YouTube account publications "double-Headed eagle". From "Constantinople" and the "double eagle" General guidance: according to the site "Constantinople", the businessman Konstantin Malofeyev - founder of the channel "Tsargrad". He also holds the position of Chairman of the society for the development of Russian historical education, "double-Headed eagle".

YouTube commented on the lawsuit Apple co-founder on fraud

The company examines a complaint with YouTube Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who accused the video service in aiding and abetting the fraud, the company said on Friday.

"As soon as we are considering a complaint we take very seriously the abuse of our platform and quickly take actions when we find violations of our rules, such as cheating or impersonating another person", - reported the company.

Co-founder of Apple has sued YouTube because of the fraudulent video

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and another 17 people filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the state of California against the platform YouTube and owning Google in connection with the service are posted on the video's name is Wozniak used to implement fraudulent schemes through bitcoin, the text of the claim.

"YouTube is laid out in a constant flow of fraudulent videos and advertising campaigns, which falsely used the pictures and videos of plaintiff Steve Wozniak and other prominent entrepreneurs in the technology sector, and that trick YouTube users for millions of dollars", - stated in the text of the claim.

Google accused of spying on users

The lawsuit was filed in United States at Google Inc., parent company Google in which she is accused of tracking the actions of users of different applications even when disconnected permits, reports Reuters.

The lawsuit filed in a California law company Boies Schiller Flexner, which in June this year, has filed a lawsuit against the Corporation for $ 5 billion, accusing it of spying on the actions of users of the Chrome browser even in incognito mode. The company represents a group of plaintiffs.

Roskoshestvo recommended to restrict children's access to obscene songs

Roskoshestvo the study of mobile applications music services offers to consider solutions to restricting the access of children to songs with obscene language, is spoken in the message of the organization.

Roskoshestvo tested 21 of the most popular app in the Russian segment of the App Store and Google Play (10 for 11 for iOS and Android). The tests were carried out on 80 criteria, with special attention paid to the visual marking of profanity in the songs and the ability to block such content. "Roskoshestvo offers music services to consider solutions to restricting the access of children to songs with profanity," - said in the message.

In the work of Google and YouTube in several countries has failed

Users of Google and YouTube in several countries, faced with the failure of the services, from the data on the website Downdetector, which tracks failures and blackouts on popular websites.

According to the portal, the disruptions began at about 13.20 GMT. The greatest number of problems recorded in Russia, also received complaints from some countries of Western Europe.

The United States announced a 25 percent duties on products from France

USA announced the introduction of a 25 percent duty on goods from France with a volume of $ 1.3 billion over a digital tax, reports AFP.

As reported by the United States trade representative, digital tax is unfair to American companies that engage with digital technologies. However, the US tariff will not take effect until January 6, 2021, as the negotiations continue.

Media: California launched an antitrust investigation against Google

The state of California began its own antitrust investigation against Google, according to the newspaper Politico, citing informed sources.

It is noted that the investigation into California state where are located the headquarters of the company is not connected with the investigation launched by the attorneys General of 48 American States as well as Puerto Rico and the district of Columbia. What aspect of interested in California authorities, is currently unknown. Now, according to the newspaper, the only state that does not conduct an investigation of Google, left Alabama.

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