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Democrats in Congress want to prevent the Trump to pardon himself

A member of the house of representatives Jamie Raskin introduced an amendment to the bill of Democrats, which prohibits the U.S. President to pardon himself.

The US President has the constitutional right to pardon and reduce the sentences. President Donald trump caused the indignation of the Democrats, repealing a prison sentence his longtime friend and unofficial Advisor Roger stone.

The first "Ford" lumpy. Why supervises U.S. Navy remains not combat-ready

The American supervenes a new generation of "Gerald Ford" next problem — recently, the U.S. Navy announced the dismissal of the project by a number of senior professionals. The American media is associated with numerous shortcomings identified during the pilot operation of "floating airfield". The most expensive warship in history, worth nearly $ 13 billion is still not ready for service, although he entered the Navy in may 2017. Why "Gerald Ford" not so lucky — in the material RIA Novosti.

To develop the most powerful aircraft carrier began in the mid-1990s. Laid the ship in 2005. According to the plans of the Navy command, he had to change the first American nuclear aircraft carrier "enterprise", who had served since the early 1960s. Built almost ten years and launched in the fall of 2013. Displacement over 100 thousand tons, "Gerald Ford" — the world's largest surface combat ship.