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The police have not yet found traces of arson in the Cathedral in Nantes

Signs confirming the version of arson in the Cathedral of Nantes, yet, the fire may be accidental in nature, said the interior Minister of France Gerald Darmanin.

The fire in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes happened last Saturday, July 18. The fire was completely destroyed, in particular, a large body of the Cathedral. The Prosecutor's office of Nantes announced the launch of the investigation on suspicion of intentional arson of the Cathedral. On Sunday, police arrested 39-year-old man, who was a volunteer in the temple and had to close the door the day of the fire. The same day he was released, he was not charged with any crime.

Authorities of Nantes did not find signs of forced entry in the Cathedral

Forced entry of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Nantes, where on Saturday morning a fire occurred, it was not revealed, said the Prosecutor of the city of Saint Pierre.

"No sign of forced entry at the inputs was not found," the Prosecutor told AFP.

Prime Minister of France, noted professionalism of the firefighters putting out the Cathedral in Nantes

French Prime Minister Jean Castex noted the professionalism and efficient work of the firemen at the fire in the Cathedral in Nantes.

"First and foremost I would like to pay tribute to the high professionalism of the hundreds of firefighters who were mobilized from the beginning of this disaster, and acted with remarkable efficiency", - told reporters Castex arrived in Nantes. He also pointed to the excellent coordination between all state and local services.

Prime Minister of France went to Nantes, where the burned Cathedral

The Prime Minister of France Jean Castex, the interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and culture Minister roselyne Bachelot sent to Nantes, where on Saturday lit up the Cathedral.

The fire occurred in the Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul is about 7.50 (8.50 GMT). Work at a place more than 100 firefighters. At the moment the fire is localized.

Dijon has indicted the two detainees on charges of rioting

Two of the detainees on charges of rioting in the French city of Dijon charged, they will be under pre-trial detention, reports radio station France Info, citing the Prosecutor.

The unrest in Dijon began in the night of 13 June and lasted for four nights. The situation was the result of the dismantling of the representatives of the community of immigrants from Chechnya, who gathered in Dijon from all over France and local residents, mostly of North African origin. The reason for the conflict was the beating of the young people from Chechnya gang members. As a result of the clashes several people were injured and wounded.

France approved the new composition of the government

The Minister of foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian, the defense Minister Florence parley, the Minister of economy and Finance Bruno Le Mayor, the Minister of health, Olivier Veran retained their posts in the new government. This was announced by the Secretary General of the Elysee Palace Alexis Kohler.

For the post of the interior Minister of France is appointed the former Minister of civil service and the state budget of France Gerald Darmanin.