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In Portland arrested nine rioters

Police detained nine participants of the protests and unrest that occurred earlier in the U.S. city of Portland, said in a statement law enforcement officers.

Earlier, local law enforcement agencies reported that protesters in Portland late on Saturday evening local time, set the fire police Association of the city and used a blinding laser against police officers, three police officers were injured. To 02.00 local time (12.00 GMT) most of the protesters dispersed.

U.S. attorney General called anti-fascists, Bolsheviks and Nazis

Attorney General — the head of the Ministry of justice of the United States William Barr called the anti-fascist movement, which is actively involved in the American protests, Bolsheviks, Communists and fascists.

"This is a revolutionary group that is interested in some form of socialism, of communism. They are in fact the Bolsheviks. And their fascist tactics," said Barr in an interview with Fox News.

In Moscow, was baptized a well-known African politician

Famous African politician, former Deputy Prime Minister of Gabon Bruno Ben Moubamba converted to Orthodoxy and was baptized in the Moscow Church, he was given the Christian name of Vladimir, said a member of the Synodal biblical-theological Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church, rector of the Church of the life-giving Trinity on the Vorobyovy hills Archpriest Andrey Novikov.

"The Day of the baptism of Rus the Lord has vouchsafed to make kinoprem the Orthodoxy of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Gabon Bruno Ben Moubamba David (at his request)," - wrote Novikov on his page in Facebook.

The expert explained the reasons for the support of the Black Lives Matter movement in Europe

Professor at Northwestern University in the US practice leader for international studies VTSIOM Olga Kamenchuk-Nisbet explained the reasons Europeans support the movement Black Lives Matter.

Earlier, the cities of the US, a wave of protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. After the death of Floyd intensified the movement Black Lives Matter, which is against the violence against the black population.

Introduced in Seattle because of the protests of the Federal agents left the city

The mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan reported that introduced in the city due to the unrest, the Federal agents left the city.

She noted that directing Federal agents in Seattle, Portland and other cities, the President of the United States Donald trump wanted to have increased the level of violence.

Trump accused the media of distorting information about the protests

Trump accused the media of distorting data on the participation of Federal forces in the crackdown on protests in Seattle and Portland, he stated on Monday.

According to him, in Portland Federal forces are also "to protect Federal property, including the courthouse, which (without them) would not have lasted a day."

Media reported about the beginning of the investigation against protesters in Portland

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States launched an investigation against the organizers and participants of night disorders in Portland, according to the publication the Washington Examiner, citing sources.

The investigation is conducted against the groups and individuals behind the unrest, during which protesters attacked Federal agents and the Federal agencies.

In California, protesters set fire to the courthouse

Protesters in Oakland California in the American set fire to the building of the local court, broke Windows of the police station and attacked police officers.

According to the police, the protesters threw "dangerous projectiles" at officers and broke Windows of the police station and have painted graffiti on the walls of the building. Some protesters try to tear down barricades set by the police.

In Texas one person was killed in firing during protests

One person was killed in a shooting during protests in the U.S. city of Austin, Texas, according to local police.

According to police, the suspect shot from the car, he was arrested.

The number of detainees during the riots in Seattle has risen to 45

At least 45 people were arrested during the riots in Seattle, at least 21 law enforcement officer injured, according to local police.

Earlier it was reported about 25 detainees and the three injured police officers. The local police declared events in city revolt.

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