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The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq (1990)

In the summer of 1990, relations between Iraq and Kuwait deteriorated sharply due to disputes around oil prices.

May 30, 1990, the last day of the summit of heads of Arab States, the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein said that some Gulf countries began to produce more oil established by OPEC quota, bringing the price of a barrel of oil fell to $ 7, while the negotiated price of a barrel of oil was 18 dollars. Saddam Hussein noted that the fall in the price of each barrel for just one dollar means the loss of Iraq one billion dollars annually. This, in his opinion, in the current economic conditions of Iraq was equivalent to "act of war".

The choice of death. Why Americans return to the highest measure

The Federal government, the United States resumed executions. The sentence is execution for the first time since 2003: four criminals will make a kind of poison injection. The governors of many States are opposed, and we intend to maintain the moratorium on capital punishment. Why this issue has divided American society, to understand RIA Novosti.

"The four killers were sentenced to death after thorough investigation. The verdict rendered in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. We owe it to the victims of horrific crimes, their families and required to lead the sentence," said attorney General William Barr.

Judge: in the USA there is a tendency to choose a presidential semi-literate people

In the US there is a tendency to choose a presidential defiantly uneducated people because of mistrust of the population without education to all "the wise men", told RIA Novosti the Professor of philosophical faculty of Lomonosov Moscow state University political scientist Boris Mezhuev, commenting on a forthcoming book, the former adviser of US President John Bolton, in which he said that the us leader questioned whether Finland is part of Russia.

"This trend is deintellectualization American politics that prevails in the Republican camp. Because there is distrust of the American common man who has not received education, all educated, and that is the tendency to choose defiantly uneducated people, like (George - editor) Bush and now trump," - said Mezhuev.

Deuce again: as the presidents of the United States rewrote the geography and history

The big resonance was caused by Thursday the words of ex-US presidential Advisor Donald trump, John Bolton, who said that the us leader once questioned whether Finland is part of Russia. However, this is not the first time trump and other American leaders have difficulty with geography, history and other Sciences.

Earlier in the leading US media came excerpts from the book of Bolton "the Room where it happened: a memoir of the White house" (The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir), which contained unflattering characteristics of the US President Donald trump and criticism of his actions. The authors of the publications with reference to the book wrote that trump was interested in whether Finland is part of Russia, said he did not want to provide military assistance to Ukraine and asked the Chinese leader XI Jinping's assistance in the re-election of US President that could be construed as a crime.

Trump recalled Colin Powell to invade Iraq because of the support of Biden

The US President Donald trump on Sunday reacted to what the former Secretary of state Colin Powell (under President George W. Bush) expressed support for the upcoming presidential elections in the most possible democratic candidate Joe Biden. Trump said that Powell is responsible for drawing the US into war in the middle East.

"Colin Powell is the most stubborn, who bears a huge burden of responsibility for what got us into the disastrous war in the middle East, has just announced that he will vote for another stubborn - sleepy Joe Biden. Isn't Powell said that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction?" They didn't do it, but we went to war!", - trump wrote in his Twitter.

As the struggle against racism in the United States resulted in a battle with the marauders

Riots, looting and arson that began after the death in the result of harsh detention by the police, a black resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd, do not cease. In half of the States imposed a curfew, but local authorities often almost inactive. A police force is not enough, and President Donald trump intends to use the regular army to do away with vandalism and looting. How dangerous is this for the President, understood to RIA Novosti.

The Americans waited for the treatment of Donald trump to the nation. But the President hesitated and did so only on 2 June when Washington already smashed shop Windows.

Predicted the victory trump Professor predicted his re-election

Professor of political science at stony brook University in new York, Helmut Norpoth, predicted the victory of the current President of the United States Donald trump on the election in 2016, believes that with high probability will be re-elected to his post.

Norpoth developed a model for predicting elections, which since 1992 has failed only once – in 2000, calculating that the Democrats win. Then the US President was Republican George Bush who took the vote in swing state of Florida. According to this model, the candidate wins, the most successful speaker in the primary. In 2016 Norpoth said that according to his model of predicting election results, the Republican candidate Donald trump will win the race.