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The US Ambassador in Athens spoke about the areas in the Eastern Mediterranean

U.S. Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt spoke about Maritime territory in the Eastern Mediterranean, which Greece considers its exclusive economic zone, where Turkey intends to carry out seismic surveys of oil fields.

The hydrographic service of Antalya on Tuesday released the international Navtex warning about the seismic research to the South and East of the island of kastellorizo from 21 July to 2 August. Greece claims that the area is in its exclusive economic zone. The Hellenic armed forces have been alerted across the country. Turkey has called the claims of Greece unfounded.

An American vessel arrived in Greece 3 thousands of Marines in NATO exercise

U.S. transport ship Endurance Vehicles Carrier delivered to Greece 3 thousand Marines, military vehicles and equipment to participate in the NATO exercise Atlantic Resolve 2020, reported the website kranosgr.com. A message published on Twitter, U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Ukraine Jeffrey Payette.

The ship is on the roadstead of the port of Alexandroupolis in Northern Greece.

Visit of the Minister of defense of Greece in the US postponed

Visit of the Minister of national defense of Greece Nikolaos of Panayotopoulos in the United States pending, said the Greek defense Ministry.

After an exchange of views with the Ministry of defense it was decided to postpone the visit of Panayotopoulos in the United States, the report said.