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In Transbaikalia ended exercises with the participation of six thousand troops

Large-scale exercises involving 6 thousand military ended in Transbaikalia, reports the press service of the Eastern military district on Friday.

"In Zabaikalsky Krai on the range "Tsugol" the conduct of the stage firing at night completed a large-scale tactical exercises with troops TSB under the guidance of the district commander Gennady Liquid", - stated in the message.

In Khabarovsk over 3.4 thousand people took part in the Victory parade

Parade of the Khabarovsk garrison in honor of the anniversary of Victory was held in Khabarovsk, attended more than 3.4 thousand people and more than 160 pieces of equipment, the press service of the Eastern military district.

It is noted that the parade began with the installment of the Central square of the regional center of the national flag of the Russian Federation and copies of the Victory banner the soldiers of the guard of honor of the Eastern military district.