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The Russian delegation discussed with Assad the provision of humanitarian aid to Syrians

The special representative of the President of Russia SAR, Alexander Lavrentiev and the Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry Sergey Vershinin and discussed with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cooperation to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrians, and to restore infrastructure, according to the Russian foreign Ministry.

Earlier Wednesday, the press service of the presidential Palace of Syria reported that Assad took Lavrentiev and Vershinina, during the meeting they discussed the developments in Syria. Lavrentiev gave the President and people of Syria congratulations on the successful holding of parliamentary elections. The Syrian leader also discussed with the Russian delegation the process of preparing for a meeting of the constitutional Commission on Syria in Geneva next month and action the different parties to create a favorable atmosphere for the negotiations.

The UN experts included the online meeting in the concept of "peaceful Assembly"

The UN experts explained the concept of "peaceful Assembly", referring in this category, including mass virtual or online meeting, said in a statement the UN office for human rights released on Wednesday in Geneva.

The UN Committee on human rights, consisting of 18 experts who monitor the implementation of the International Covenant on civil and political rights (ICCPR), released on Wednesday a comprehensive legal guide to the 21st article of the Covenant, which States the fundamental right to peaceful Assembly. These General comments were the first major international document, which was compiled online, since the experts are unable to meet in person because of the pandemic, COVID-19.

The emergency Committee who will meet to assess the situation with COVID-19 in the world

The Director General of the world health organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus this week will convene the emergency Committee by the who to assess the situation with the pandemic COVID-19 in the world.

"This Thursday will mark six months since, when the who announced COVID-19 emergency of public health of international importance... As required by international rules, I will bring the emergency Committee this week to re-evaluate the situation with the pandemic COVID-19 and gave me appropriate advice," said who Director-General at a press conference Monday in Geneva.

The source explained how the EU could circumvent the WTO ruling on the dispute with Russia

The EU may appeal the decision of the world trade organization in a dispute with Russia over energy adjustments, however, until the WTO appellate body has not been formed, to examine such applications will be nobody, but to execute the decision of the arbitrators will not have, told RIA Novosti source shopping in Geneva.

"Both the EU and Russia can appeal, but, as you know, in the appellate body are not enough judges to consider the appeal", — said the Agency interlocutor. Thus, according to him, any appeal will go though nowhere until you have assigned a new judge. But if none of the parties do not appeal, the decision of the panel of arbitrators will be assigned and the EU will have to implement it.

Turkmenistan received WTO observer status

Turkmenistan received the status of observer in the world trade organization, said on Wednesday the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic.

"The twenty-second of July 2020 at the headquarters of the world trade organization in Geneva held a regular meeting of the WTO General Council, which examined the application of Turkmenistan for observer status in the organization," - said on the website of the Turkmen foreign Ministry.

Who assessed the situation with coronavirus in Latin America

The threat of an active transfer and dissemination COVID-19 in Latin America remains high, said at a briefing in Geneva, the Director of the who programme on emergency health Michael Ryan.

"Almost all countries in Latin America present the transmission of the virus among the community. The level of infection stable in some States and continues to grow in others. We had a complicated situation in Bolivia, Colombia and other places, where in recent weeks has increased the number of infections. So I would say that the overall situation in Latin America continues to pose a threat to active transmission COVID-19", - he said.

Who urged to carefully examine the validity of the immunity from COVID-19

The validity of the immunity to the coronavirus must be carefully studied, said at a briefing in Geneva, the head of the technical group of the division of emergency diseases in the who Maria van Kerkhove.

An earlier edition of the Guardian published an article about the research on the development of immunity, have been ill with the novel coronavirus. According to King"s College, the number of antibodies to COVID-19 significantly reduced within three months.

Who said, who are least exposed to the coronavirus

Children under ten years of age least susceptible to infection with coronavirus and easier to carry the virus, said at a briefing in Geneva, the head of the technical group of the division of emergency diseases in the who Maria van Kerkhove.

This conclusion was made after research on the identification of antibodies in children. It was found that children older than ten years are exposed to as much as adolescents and young adults older than 20 years. This means that they can be infected, but they will have a mild form of the disease.

On Mont Blanc found a selection of Newspapers crashed in 1966 the aircraft

A selection of Newspapers 1966 in good preservation were discovered on the summit of Mont Blanc, apparently, the books belonged to the passengers of the plane crash, Boeing 707, reports channel BFMTV.

Boeing 707-437 airline Air India on 24 January 1966 and operates passenger flight from Bombay—Delhi—Beirut—Geneva—London, but on the approach to Geneva airport crashed into Mont Blanc and totally destroyed. Killing all aboard 117 — 106 passengers and 11 crew members.

Lavrov: the US cannot confirm the thesis of the inadmissibility of nuclear war

The United States has already two years can not officially confirm that the Russian side put forward the thesis about inadmissibility of nuclear war, Moscow is worried, said Friday the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"We are particularly worried about already the biennial U.S. refusal pereotsenit fundamental principle, the postulate that a nuclear war cannot be won and, therefore, it must never be unleashed," said Lavrov during an online session, "Primako readings."

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