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On the field in the Tomsk region revealed a hotbed of coronavirus

The focus of the new coronavirus were detected in myldginsk gas condensate field in the North of the Tomsk region, the infection is confirmed already at 50 people, told reporters on Wednesday the Deputy Governor of the region Ivan Deev.

Myldzhinskoye gas condensate field in the Tomsk region develops oil and gas assets of the company "Vostokgazprom" (a daughter "Gazprom") - JSC "Tomskgazprom".

Gas prices have reached the bottom of the fall, consider in "Gazprom"

There is reason to believe that spot gas prices in Europe have reached the bottom of the fall, said the head of the financial Department of "Gazprom" Alexander Ivannikov.

"A more sustainable balancing market can be expected starting in the fourth quarter, due to seasonal factors and a high filling volume of gas storage", — said the representative of the company.

The expert assessed the change in the rules of export of gold

A sharp drop in gas demand was the reason that Russia's revenues from exports of gold exceeded the revenue from gas, also contributed to this change in April of the rules of the export of gold abroad, said RIA Novosti head of the analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev.

The export of gold from Russia in the second quarter of 2020 exceeded in monetary terms, the exports of pipeline gas, from the data of the Federal customs service and the Central Bank. According to the FCS, in April-may, Russian companies exported gold by 3.55 billion, and income from the export of pipeline gas, a monopoly which has "Gazprom" amounted to $ 2.4 billion. And according to the Central Bank, in General, for the second quarter of exported gas for $ 3.5 billion.

Russia's revenues from exports of gold exceeded the proceeds from the sale of gas

Russia's revenues from gold exports for the first time exceeded revenue from the sale of gas, from the data of the Federal customs service and the Central Bank.

So, for April and may, Russian companies have sold abroad to 65.4 tonnes of gold in the amount of 3.55 billion dollars.

Nord stream will stop for routine maintenance

Both lines of the pipeline "Nord stream" will be stopped for scheduled maintenance from 14 to 26 July, reported project operator Nord Stream AG.

Schedule of maintenance has been agreed with the partners in Nord Stream AG gas transportation up and down the stream.

Yamal opened a criminal case due to the outbreak of COVID-19 among workers

Criminal cases filed in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district due to cases of coronavirus among the workers of energy companies, according to the regional Prosecutor's office.

Office during check of execution of requirements of sanitary-epidemiological legislation found that in the Observatory of the company "Urengoy Burenie", which is a branch of the company "Gazprom drilling", not adhered to a mask mode, in rooms at the same time lived 10-15 people who moved freely through the building. This, together with the lack of control over the medical certificates coming to watch workers led to the infection of coronavirus infection 90 people for the week, highlighted by the Supervisory authority.

Polish PGNiG has returned to "Gazprom to export" excess cash money

The Polish gas company PGNiG has returned the company "Gazprom export" excess of $ 90 million, of these reasons in the framework of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on revising the price of gas, the report said PGNiG said Wednesday.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PGNiG Jerzy Kwiecinski announced that his company received 1 606 345 733,8 dollar by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on revising the price of gas. He explained that PGNiG has received from "Gazprom export" more than a certain court compensation, which amounts to approximately $ 1.5 billion. This is because in some months of 2014 from the Polish side, there were arrears for imported gas.

In Germany commented on the decision of Denmark on "to Northern stream — 2"

German experts assessed the resolution of Denmark to finish the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2" in the territorial waters of the Kingdom with the help of new vessels.

Previously Danish energy Agency (DEA) has allowed to build the pipeline using the ships with the anchor positioning. They can be used both separately and in conjunction with vessels equipped with dynamic positioning system.

The Senate has included sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2" in the project of the budget of the United States

The U.S. Senate has included additional sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2" in the project of the budget of national defence, announced on Tuesday, Republican Congressman Steve Womack.

Womack said that the Russian authorities want to use the project as an instrument of coercion, and its goal is to increase the dependence of Poland and Ukraine from Russian gas. "I'm proud to be a sponsor of the sanctions aimed at stopping its construction, and applauded the Senate for including this priority in the draft budget of national defence", - he wrote in his Twitter.

The Russian Ambassador responded to Lukashenka's words about "interference" in the Affairs of Minsk

Talk about the fact that Moscow had allegedly interfered in the internal Affairs of Minsk in the current election campaign, are not serious, they do not have even a minimum of any grounds, said on Tuesday the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev.

Earlier the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he plans to discuss with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin outside interference in elections in the Republic. Lukashenko, in particular, noted that opponents of the current Belarusian authorities are "puppeteers" who "and live in Poland, and from Russia to throw up". Lukashenka did not specify his words, but even before that, the state control Committee (SCC) of the Republic, commenting on the criminal "the case of Belgazprombank", talked about "puppeteers" from among the "big bosses "Gazprom", and maybe higher." Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the accusations against Russian companies on the part of Minsk is unfounded, the economic interests of the giants are under the protection of the Russian Federation.

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