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Trump unlikely to seriously think about the sale of Puerto Rico, the expert believes

The President of the United States Donald trump is unlikely to seriously pondered the possibility of the sale of Puerto Rico, such a statement is, most likely, another blunder, especially since the island is not the property of the United States, Washington could provide him with independence, but not to sell it, said RIA Novosti Director of the Foundation for the study of the United States. Franklin Roosevelt at the Moscow state University Yury Rogulev.

Earlier, the former acting Minister of internal security of the United States Elaine Duke in an interview with the New York Times said that in 2017 after the hurricane that caused the most damage to Puerto Rico, trump spoke angrily about, why not get rid of this "asset" and whether to sell the island. The Duke said that this phrase has been thrown the trump at one of the meetings, subsequently, the idea of selling Puerto Rico has never been discussed.