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"Confused NATO with the trade." Why Russia does not want the "Big seven"

Washington and Berlin are arguing whether or not to invite to the next summit "the Big seven" Moscow. Donald trump would like to see at the talks of Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas points to the impossibility of communication with the Russian leader over Ukraine. The Kremlin answer is that he did not aim at G7 and would prefer a meeting "nuclear five", the five permanent members of the UN security Council. About which scenario is most likely — in the material RIA Novosti.

The Federal Republic of Germany and the USA celebrate this year's 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The Union of Washington and Berlin is a guarantee of Euro-Atlantic security. But the jubilee could be overshadowed.

Germany has opposed the return of Russia to the G7

Germany opposes Russia's return to the format of the "Big seven", said the German foreign Minister Heiko Maas in an interview with Rheinische Post.

The diplomat stressed that the reason for the exclusion of Moscow from this format was the reunification with Crimea and the situation in Ukraine.

Sarkozy spoke about the curiosity at the first meeting with Putin

At the first personal meeting presidents Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Sarkozy "is not divided" the last chocolate bar, says former French leader in his memoirs, "storms" (Le Temps des Tempêtes), hitting the market on Friday.

For the first time Putin and Sarkozy met in the German town of Heiligendamm, where the G8 summit.

The expert assessed the intention of the trump to return to Russia in the G7

Statements by the President of the United States Donald trump about the motives of his predecessor, Barack Obama allegedly want "to remove" Russia from the "Big eight", due to the election campaign, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on foreign and defense policy of Russia, chief editor of the magazine "Russia in global politics" Fyodor Lukyanov.

Earlier, trump wrote on Twitter that Russia beat Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who is now running for President of the United States democratic party, so Obama wanted to "remove" it from the G8.

Trump said the reason for the exclusion of Russia from the "Big eight"

The US President Donald trump called the foreign policy of Russia's victory the reason for its exclusion from the "Big eight".

The head of state ridiculed the call of former us Vice-President Joe Biden is not invited to Moscow for a G7 summit after the publication of the article the New York Times about the alleged contacts between Russian intelligence and the Taliban.

Trump ridiculed Biden for the assumption of treason in favor of Russia

The President of the United States Donald trump ridiculed for their future candidates from the Democratic party Joe Biden for his statement that trump has betrayed the US military in light of the publication of the newspaper the New York Times that Russian intelligence allegedly offered to the militants of the radical movement "Taliban" reward for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan.

"It's funny to watch how corrupt Joe Biden read out a statement about Russia, apparently written by his supervisors. Russia beat him and (Barack - ed) Obama, when they were in power, so big that Obama wanted to remove them from the G8. The US was weak in everything and especially with Russia!" – he wrote in his Twitter account.