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In Japan, the number of cases COVID-19 exceeded 31.3 thousand

The total number of identified infections by coronavirus in Japan, given the 712 infected on a cruise ship Diamond Princess, which was in quarantine at the Japanese Yokohama in February, exceeded 31.3 thousand people a day in the country were identified 825 new cases COVID-19.

According to the channel NHK, the largest number of new infections confirmed in Tokyo (239 people) and Osaka (141 people). Also a significant increase in the number of infections observed in the prefectures of Aichi (80) and Fukuoka (90 people).

Japan in torrential rains killed 57 people

Fifty-seven people died in floods and landslides caused by struck South-West Japan prolonged heavy rains, reported the TV channel NHK on the basis of data from the field.

Most of the victims - 54 in Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. Two detected in heart and lung, 10 people unaccounted for.

Japanese banks suspend operations in the South-West because of heavy rains

Japanese automobile manufacturers, the chemical plant and the banks suspend work until the end of the day on the southwest island of Kyushu and South of the main island of Honshu due to hit the area of heavy rains, reported the TV channel NHK.

Carmaker Mazda has suspended work of the main plant in Hiroshima and plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Also avtostroitel Toyota stopped the work of two factories in the Prefecture of Fukuoka. The question concerning the resumption of work in the night shift will be decided based on weather conditions.