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In the Federation Council responded to criticism of the United States to the "Petrel" and "Poseidon"

Member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security, Senator Franz Klintsevich commented on the appeal of the special representative of the President of the United States arms control Marshall Billingsley close the projects missiles "Petrel" and "Poseidon."

In an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking", the MP said that he understands the concerns of Americans about the new Russian missiles, as the United States, "20 years will not be anything like". Klintsevich also criticized a statement about the futility of spending on the development and production of missiles.

Russia responded sharply to the statement of Prague on the demolition of the monument to Konev

Politicians and diplomats have commented on the words of the mayor of the district Prague 6 ondřej Kolář, who said that the demolition of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev to blame the Russian Embassy. They called saying official dirty horseplay and botched attempt to make excuses for their actions.

The key statement in the material RIA Novosti.

In the Federation Council responded to the words of the Ukrainian expert about the "shock" in Russia

Member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich in an interview with "Moscow speaking" said that Ukraine has a working copy of their missiles, "Neptune", which according to Ukrainian expert Michael Jirkova able to reach Novorossiysk.

"They modernize old Soviet rockets from "Uragan" and "Smerch". The fact that the ballistic missiles they put servos, does not mean that they have turned a cruise missile," — said Klintsevich.

"Playing with fire": Klintsevich appreciated the video Kirkorov about paratroopers

The leader of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan, Senator Franz Klintsevich commented in an interview with TV channel "360" movie about paratroopers with the participation of singer Philip Kirkorov.

Klintsevich, who fought in Afghanistan in the ranks of the airborne forces, suggested that the artist wanted to shock the audience. "Vest and takes are sacred symbols. He apparently does not understand. I decided that since no badges, everything is possible. But landing takes this sacred sign for any fighter of any regiment," said he.

Klintsevich called insults Navalny addressed to the veteran monstrous

Senator Franz Klintsevich intends to do all he can as a parliamentarian to Alexei Navalny has suffered an angular libel on veteran.

Earlier Russia's Investigative Committee opened against Navalny a criminal case on slander against the veteran - participant of the great Patriotic war of Ignat Artemenko. According to the investigation, the politician broke the law, commenting on the video of the TV channel RT, which Artemenko expressed its position regarding the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The Moscow Prosecutor's office acknowledged the case legitimate.

The us military tried to prevent a Russian patrol in Syria

American soldiers tried to block the path of Russian military patrol in Syria, but their armored vehicle stalled, told RIA Novosti source familiar with the situation.

"The incident occurred in the village of Abra, about 50 kilometers from al-hasakah," - said the Agency interlocutor.

In the Federation Council commented on the incident with Russian patrol in Syria

The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense Franz Klintsevich commented on an unsuccessful attempt by the American military to block the path of Russian patrol in Syria.

According to him, the Americans used to consider themselves "supermen" in any country where they are, and to ignore local laws. Klintsevich noted that in this case they are faced with people who to this behavior "not being", and are now forced to come up with excuses for his behavior.

In the Federation Council believe that Ephraim is not to evade responsibility

Actor Mikhail Yefremov, the perpetrator in the incident on Monday, a fatal accident, from the responsibility not to leave as due to his fame, and public attention to this case, so there is no point in parliamentary control over the investigation, is convinced a member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich.

On Monday evening on the Garden ring Efremov driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee drove into the oncoming lane and collided with Lada. Driver — courier Internet-shop — was urgently hospitalized in the Institute Sklifosovsky with closed cherepno-a brain trauma. At five in the morning he died. As reported by RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies, who was killed in an accident - Sergey Zakharov born in 1963.

In the Federation Council responded to the words of Ukrainian experts about the "punch" in Siberia

The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense Franz Klintsevich in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking" called the statement of the Ukrainian consulting company Defense Express about the U.S. capability for "blow" in Siberia speculation and try to keep background information.

Also Klintsevich said that the us missiles can attack any point of the globe.