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The expert explained why the US is using the Ukraine

Us senators are trying to use the Ukraine as a pretext for intensifying political conflict in the United States, said RIA Novosti Director of the Foundation for the study of the United States. Franklin Roosevelt at the Moscow state University Yury Rogulev.

Earlier, a group of senators of the Republican and Democratic party, introduced a bill providing for an annual allocation of $ 300 million to Ukraine for military assistance, including the provision of lethal weapons.

Deripaska compared the Putin's course with the course Roosevelt

Billionaire Oleg Deripaska considers that the support of the Russians amendments to the Constitution, not that other as making citizens aware of the country's authorities and compared it with the program of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal (New deal), which led the US economy out of the great depression in the 1930-ies.

"The results of the referendum that the liberal circles so easily called zeroing, in fact, it seems to me, there is nothing like the acceptance by the majority of Russian society a new 16-year-old contract as a NEW DEAL program — the new agreement, which came Roosevelt in the 30s, and who led America out of the depression, turning it into a great and prosperous economy for all," Deripaska wrote in his telegram channel.

Trump unlikely to seriously think about the sale of Puerto Rico, the expert believes

The President of the United States Donald trump is unlikely to seriously pondered the possibility of the sale of Puerto Rico, such a statement is, most likely, another blunder, especially since the island is not the property of the United States, Washington could provide him with independence, but not to sell it, said RIA Novosti Director of the Foundation for the study of the United States. Franklin Roosevelt at the Moscow state University Yury Rogulev.

Earlier, the former acting Minister of internal security of the United States Elaine Duke in an interview with the New York Times said that in 2017 after the hurricane that caused the most damage to Puerto Rico, trump spoke angrily about, why not get rid of this "asset" and whether to sell the island. The Duke said that this phrase has been thrown the trump at one of the meetings, subsequently, the idea of selling Puerto Rico has never been discussed.

A British expert estimated Putin's article about the Second world war

The article of President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the Second world war will help to expand the historical debate and will encourage people to begin to discover the facts about the contribution of the USSR to the victory over Nazism, told RIA Novosti the honorary Secretary of the British society for the promotion in Russian and Soviet studies (SCRSS) and the Foundation of the "Soviet memorial" Ralph Gibson.

Putin wrote an article about the Second world war, which called on States to intensify the process of publication of its archives and the publication of previously unknown documents about the war and the prewar period. He noted that Russia is ready for broad cooperation and joint research projects with the participation of historians.

In new York city dismantled a monument to Theodore Roosevelt

Equestrian monument to former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt at the entrance to the American Museum of natural history in new York decided to dismantle it, reports the New York Times, citing the statement of the President of the institution and the city authorities.

A bronze monument to the American President who was in power from 1901 to 1909, was erected in 1940. The monument consists of three main elements: Roosevelt sitting astride a horse near a horse on one side is Indian, the other African.

Putin has prepared an article for the National Interest about the Second world war

Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an article dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second world war. Material published by the American journal The National Interest.

The head of state entered into a polemic with a number of European politicians who want "to cover up the Munich agreement under the carpet" and to revise the Soviet Union's role in defeating Nazism.