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"Worse than CNN". Trump criticized your favorite TV channel

The US President Donald trump said that usually beloved Fox News channel, CNN has become worse.

"Fox News has become impossible to watch a day on the weekends. It's even worse than the fake news channel CNN. I highly recommend you to switch to OANN (One America News Network with a reputation for far-right media - ed.). They do make a "fair and balanced" job!" he wrote Sunday on his Twitter.

Media: against the former broadcaster Fox News sued for harassment

The claim of harassment and sexual violence filed against the former host of Fox News channel, ed Henry, who was fired in early July, the newspaper reports Hill.

In early July, it was reported that ed Henry dismissed the results of the investigation to third-party law firm on sexual harassment. It was noted that on June 25 Henry received a complaint from the lawyer of the former employee who was a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace a few years ago. Lawyer Henry Kathryn Foti issued a statement saying that he denies the allegations.

Fox News channel has fired the host over accusations of sexual assault

Fox News channel has fired the host ed Henry over allegations of molestation, said in a release channel.

Last week the complaint was received on Henry, he was suspended from the air during the investigation.