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"Carriers are against this will not stand": that is Russia

Heavy-duty, indestructible, fast — Russian Ministry of defense announced the beginning of the test media for the latest strategic weapon. We are talking about the nuclear submarine K-329 "Belgorod", which runs in an unmanned underwater vehicle "Poseidon" with nuclear power. The first launch of the combat drone is scheduled for the fall. About the power of "Poseidon" and why is he so afraid of in the West — in the material RIA Novosti.

About "Poseidon", the world learned after the appeal of President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly on March 1, 2018. However, in December 2016, the CIA said that Russia experienced a deep drone with a nuclear power plant. Since this project is in the spotlight of Western intelligence services. And it is clear: "Poseidon" actually makes useless all the expensive missile defence programme of the USA.

Forbes estimated in Russia who became rich faster during the pandemic

Forbes magazine estimated, who from the Russian list of the richest businessmen at the time of the pandemic coronavirus has increased his fortune at the fastest pace, the leader turned Internet investor Leonid Boguslavsky.

The state of Boguslav since mid-March has almost doubled to 88%, to $ 2.8 billion. According to the magazine, it has increased due to the growth of the stock developer, DataDog, which Boguslavsky owns 8.2 percent.

Panic in the United States: "little green men" captured the American city

Us media terrified of what is happening in some cities of the United States. It is significant that they are not disturbed by the mass protests, killed the guards, burned the stores and gas stations, as well as the mass riots and use of violence. No, they are worried and afraid to a nervous TIC so-called green men — heavily armed security forces without insignia who appeared in these cities and have already begun to hold (and to take away in an unknown direction), the most active participants of the clashes, robberies and attempted capture of the Federal agencies.

Representatives of the media community and supporters of the Democratic party accurately identified the source of the problem: according to their estimates, all over again (albeit indirectly) to blame the President of Russia, which Donald trump allegedly borrowed the tactics of "little green men" against political opponents. This is not a metaphor and not an exaggeration, but a dry statement of the real media hysteria, in which the US President is accused of unleashing a military aggression against specific American cities and States, whose leadership is in the Democratic party and strongly supports the mass actions of political violence that have almost two months to shake America.

Elon Musk first entered the top five richest people in the world by Forbes

American entrepreneur, founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk first came in the top five richest people in the world by Forbes, reported on the newspaper's website.

According to Forbes, the condition Mask is 74.2 billion dollars. It is noted that in mid-March, Elon Musk was on the 31st place in the list of Forbes. Since then, his condition has increased almost three times, while shares of Tesla since the beginning of 2020 has risen by almost 300%.

Elon Musk first entered the top 10 world's richest people according to Forbes

American entrepreneur and founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk for the first time entered the top ten world's richest people according to Forbes most of the growth in the value of shares of Tesla, it is reported on the newspaper's website.

The state of the Mask according to the counter Forbes Real-Time, is now 68.5 billion dollars, which allowed him to climb to eighth place in the rating. Forbes notes that from March 18 to July 14, 2020, the value of the enterprise increased by more than $ 20 billion. During this same time, Tesla stock increased by 290%.

The status of the richest man in the world newly updated record

The state's richest man in the world - CEO of Amazon - Jeff Bezos is again updated a historical record, reaching 182,6 billion dollars, says Forbes magazine.

In early July, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to counting them in the rating Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI) announced that the state of Bezos jumped to a new high 171,6 billion dollars.

Expert: Russia should not agree to incorporate advanced weapons in the start-3

Russia should not abandon such promising developments as underwater camera "Poseidon" and the rocket "Thunderbird", because these developments are valid arguments against nuclear blackmail of the United States, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

Earlier, the special representative of the President of the United States on arms control Marshal Billingsley called "terrible" Russian projects of missiles, "Burevestnik" and "Poseidon" and urged to close them, because they do not fall under the restrictions on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (SNV-3).

The status of the richest man in the world reached $172 billion

The state's richest man in the world - CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos jumped to a new historic record in 171,6 billion dollars, says the Agency Bloomberg with reference to expect them the rating Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI).

Thus, as writes Bloomberg, was updated the previous record achieved on 4 September 2018 - then wealth Bezos consisted of 167.7 billion dollars.

Forbes named the best Russian University

Forbes magazine published a ranking of the 100 best universities in Russia, by placing in first place in this national research University "Higher school of Economics". Last year's leader MISIS this year took 16 th place.

This year Forbes changed the rating methodology that resulted in changes in it. Thus, changes in the metrics "Quality of education" - there is a parameter "Quality of teachers", consisting of estimates for the salaries of teachers, ratio of teachers and students, the presence and share of foreign teachers. Option "international activities" now consists of estimates for the share of foreign students studying in the University, organizing study tours and collaboration with foreign universities double degree programmes.

Forbes predicted the victory of Russia over NATO in the conflict in the Baltic States

The reduction of U.S. troops in Germany will lead to oslablenie the position of NATO in a possible conflict with Russia, writes the magazine Forbes.

Earlier media reported that the President

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