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In Vladivostok, the University will create a UNESCO chair

International UNESCO chair "Integration interdisciplinary center for biomedical information" with the participation of universities, research centers of Vladivostok, Shanghai and Beijing will create in Vladivostok, reports the Vladivostok state University of Economics and service (VSUES).

First UNESCO chair was established in 1992 within the framework of one of the most successful international programs of the organization - "sister universities". Worldwide operates 126 UNESCO chairs, of which more than 50 in Russia, according to the University.

Virologist appreciated the new strain of flu that could cause pandemic

Head of the laboratory of ecology of microorganisms, School of Biomedicine, far Eastern Federal University Mikhail shchelkanov in an interview with "Moscow speaking" commented on reports that Chinese scientists have found a previously unknown strain of swine flu that can cause a new pandemic.

The virologist said that this virus has not yet infiltrated the human population.

In FEFU calculated economic indicators in Russia after the epidemic

Graduate School of digital economy, far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok has developed a model of the economic situation in Russia after the crisis caused by the coronavirus, and given the forecast for a number of indicators, according to the University.

To create the prediction model takes into account all major current and long-term consumer parameters: the number of sold smartphones and cars, the change in the dollar exchange rate and gasoline prices.

Students from the University created a neural network that regulate traffic flows

Students from the team of the far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok has developed a service optimization and operation control PointsMan traffic lights that will better regulate traffic flows, according to the University.

With this project the students came in the top three at national online hackathon to create projects for the Internet of things (IoT) vision and technical Skill Up. Guys for three days were able to develop a service for traffic control on roads on the basis of machine learning, Internet of things, computer vision and neural networks. The team worked along with experienced opponents, among them - graduates of leading technical universities of the country.

In FEFU and Feb RAS created the sorbent for water purification from radiation

The scientists of far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), in collaboration with colleagues from the far East branch of RAS has developed a sorbent, which can be used to purify water from radioactive elements, and also to process liquid radioactive waste, the press service of the University.

The sorbent was synthesized on the basis of the composite powder of "tungsten bronze" (Na2WO4).

In Primorye for the first time pedigree made far Eastern leopards

Pedigree rare Amur leopards made up for the first time in Primorye, according to the national Park "Land of leopard".

The researchers analyzed data from the photo-monitoring from 2013 to 2019, collected by "Land of the leopard", where is located the biggest in Russia network of 400 traps. Taisiya and Anna Marchenkova Vitkalov systematized data about the individual relationships in the far Eastern leopard population. To simulate a family tree managed for 47 individuals.